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If cricketers were F.R.I.E.N.D.S. characters

Sarah Waris
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Varied and diverse. Effused with complexities and intricacies. Cynical and sarcastic. Practical and logical. Marred with flaws whilst possessing traits that might seem odd. Goofy and child-like or just purely meticulous and refined.

The network of emotions and vulnerabilities that comprise an individual imparts a distinct layer of mystery to his character. With each being possessing a horde of qualities that distinguishes him from the herd, it becomes an interesting interplay of differences and similarities which then defines his bond with the world around.

The friendships thus formed comprise promises unspoken and words silently adhered to. It can either succumb to the changing times or cement its place amidst doubts and qualms; carving a legacy for generations.

By ironing out minor misgivings and engulfing into the bigger realm of selflessness, a cohesive whole develops, with each human standing up for the skill the other lacks.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, an American television sitcom, that aired its first episode way back in 1994, stands as the epitome of simplicity that each friendship entails.

By bringing together six adults who seem so disjointed, together, to eventually witnessing them fit together perfectly as a puzzle a decade later, the show exemplified the sanctity of relationships like never before.

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, the cricketing sphere too contains breeds of personalities. The aggression of Brendon McCullum contrasts the calmness of his team-mate Kane Williamson while the hysteria of Virat Kohli stands against the stoic stance of Rahul Dravid.

However, just like the characters in the series, the cricketers in the real world too combine beautifully to give the fans and the supporters a performance to remember. 

Ricky Ponting as Rachel Green


Confident and well aware of herself and her priorities, Rachel Karen Green remained an inspiration for letting go of her insecurities and adapting to the responsibilities that her chosen path took her towards. After leaving Barry at the altar, she had the tough task of letting go of her parent’s money to start afresh in a world of duties, something she accomplished with élan.

Ricky Ponting, much like Rachel, remained a carefree cricketer indulging in pranks and childish excitement before the job of captaining Australia came his way. Adam Gilchrist, Ponting’s team-mate in the national squad, had an unexpected statement about his former captain, which left everyone in shocked amazement.

“Ricky Ponting was the prankster in the Australian team. He was mischievous and still is a bit. We played the 1998 Commonwealth Games and Punter (Ponting) was pretty young at that time. He would come back to the hotel early and he’d set up a sequence of traps. The first one would be at the door where a bucket of water would fall on the cricketers in the dark. You would go further and he’d have a trip wire set up, with chairs crashing all over.”

Both Rachel and Ponting possessed an arrogant pride in their achievements but never for once did they shy away from admitting their mistakes. With a strong sense of self, the duo remained unafraid to lash out at the wrong ethics, committed either by the rivals, or their own people. Refusing to take attacks unnecessarily and not hesitating to pull out an individual for his slip-ups remained their greatest traits which made them role-models to one and all.

By being defined by a strange sense of loyalty and passion they ended up being the ultimate team players. Just like Rachel never left her friends in disarray, Ponting too always found the knack of rushing to his team’s aid and helping them sail through rough waters.

With restrained levels of naughtiness, like when Rachel teaches Ross Gellar’s son Ben practical jokes or Ponting’s song when he was on-air as a commentator that revealed Mark Waugh’s little secrets, both firmly held the desire to be successful with tints of honesty that made them so endearing. And of course, the two are drop-dead gorgeous as well! 

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