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“I’m confident that if I keep batting, I can win the game for the team from any situation.” - Virat Kohli interview

 Virat Kohli and Tushar Goculdas, Brand Director, Adidas India

Virat Kohli and Tushar Goculdas, Brand Director, Adidas India

In an entertaining event at the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, Virat Kohli was unveiled as the brand ambassador for Adidas Cricket. Speaking to the media at the event, the swashbuckling batting star answered a flurry of questions, the excerpts of which are as follows:

Q. How do you react when Sachin predicts that you will be the one who will break his batting records?

A. Sachin has been my biggest inspiration since I started following the game. I feel very lucky to have played alongside him, and have got to learn a lot from him.

Q. Do you feel the pressure to beat Sachin’s record of maximum centuries?

A. Pressure is created by the media. I don’t think much about all these things. I had never thought I would have had so many centuries so early in my career. The more centuries that I am able to score, the happier I will be.

Q. We all know Sachin is your idol, but which non-Indian cricketer do you like the most?

A. It has to be Chris Gayle. For cricketing as well as non-cricketing reasons. He is a complete entertainer and I like watching him play. I have the best seat in the house when he plays with me.

Q. Who is the toughest bowler you have ever faced?

A. There are two bowlers who I think are very tough to play against – Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel.

Q. Do you enjoy bowling? How did you develop your bowling action?

A. Unless someone wants to look funny, I’ll not recommend anyone to copy my bowling action. But on a serious note, with the confidence that I have got from the amount of runs I have been scoring, when I’m thrown the ball to bowl, I am pretty sure of what I have to do. I may not be the most attractive to watch while bowling, but I can be effective.

Q. What has been your personal favourite innings?

A. The most special innings to be would have to be my first Test ton in Australia. And after that, I’ll rate the innings I played against Sri Lanka at Hobart where we needed a bonus point to be alive in the series.

Q. If you weren’t a cricketer, then which profession would you have chosen?

A. I don’t know about profession, but if you ask me another sport, I will say it would have been soccer. I am very fond of the game, and I really enjoy playing it.

Q. Do you have any specific favourite football team?

A. I support Real Madrid. I’m a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q. If you were to represent an international football team, which one would it be?

A. I’d say it would have been Germany, as their playing style is very aggressive, which is very similar to mine.

Q. Often you have to play in tense and close matches. How you do manage to stay calm and stress-free?

A. What keeps me calm is the focus on what I have to achieve in the match. The main goal is to win games for my team. In tough situations, I try to stay as calm as possible, as I’m confident that if I keep batting, I can win the game for the team from any situation.

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