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Is there a remedy for India?

816   //    09 Dec 2012, 13:48 IST

I still love you. But a little less.

Kisne Kisko Loota, Kiska matha kaise foota, O bhaiya we don’t have a clue.. (who swindled whom, who got a hit on the face, o brother we don’t have any clues)

Just wondering which song Dhoni would be mumbling, if not this one.

Sunil Gavaskar says that there is no revenge, only a tail in between the legs.

It’s not about the transition. Its not about dissecting the losses.

It’s about the shame. Its about the denial.

The lack of skill should be understood. The lack of application, I am sorry to say, can’t.

We have come full circle. Kolkata 2001 to Kolkata 2012.

People who think that we have been stuck with a catastrophe now, are mistaken. Now, you are seeing the ruins. Catastrophe hit us last year in England. We don’t get any worse from here. Maybe we have perfected the worst.

I see many remedies in newspapers. A leading national daily says we need to overhaul the team. That is obvious to everyone except the cricketing ostriches. It’s such a shame that our batsmen are still not embarrassed. Something common with our country’s politicians. Nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to embarrass them too.


Sehwag, you have embarrassed yourself with your attitude. You promised us a great in 2003 Down Under when you hit 195. You killed the great with your laziness and ingratitude to your gift. I still love you, but a little less. Just because you are still not embarrassed.

Dhoni has got to go. A complete overhaul as suggested by the daily sounds like a great idea, but no one in our country will dare to do that. Had we not been in denial, we would have already been rebuilding rather than crying right now.

India were No. 1 by chance, not by design. I said it back then when we were number one.

The bitter truth is that we have hit rock bottom. The even more bitter truth is that there is no real hope unless the system is changed. We may prop up once Kohli and Pujara get their mojo at test cricket. That will be good enough for a lot of the Indian public. But, again, we will not be consistent.

What I expect is consistency like Australia. For that, we need a consistent, transparent and accountable system. You and I know that it is not possible in India. Period.

We, as a population, see the facts on the face. We never try to see the underlying rules which are generating those facts. We see an inconsistent Indian team throughout its cricketing history. We don’t see the inconsistent system that has been producing the inconsistent team, do we?

Changes the personnel. By sheer luck you will be successful at times. But, that does not change the state of affairs on the long term basis. Right or wrong?

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