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India vs WICB President's XI 2nd Warm-Up Match Day 1 Live Cricket Score and commentary; Watch Practice match live streaming online here

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Murali Vijay was a symbol of solidity for as long as he was there at the crease

STUMPS – Day 1

25.3 overs – India: 93/3, Rahul 30; WICB 180

So it’s STUMPS on Day 1, a day that has belonged to India, as they bowled the WICB side out for 180, and have scored 93 runs for the loss of three wickets. Pujara was the last man to be dismissed, and the umpires decided to end the proceedings for the day with that wicket.

24 overs – India: 86/2, Rahul 30, Pujara 21; WICB 180

As we spoke of using the feet, Pujara comes down the track and launches the ball straight over the bowler’s head for a six. A well-timed cut shot for three runs follows in the next over and so does, a Kohli-esque flick off the pads towards midwicket by Rahul. India are seated comfortably in the game now.

22 overs – India: 70/2, Rahul 24, Pujara 11; WICB 180

The run rate has slowed down a bit, and Rahul and Pujara are trying to spend some time at the crease to get used to the conditions. Spinners are in operation from both ends, and there hasn’t been a lofted shot played by either of the two men yet.

18 overs – India: 56/2, Rahul 13, Pujara 8; WICB 180

The aim for Rahul and Pujara, it seems is to bat out the overs with the minimum amount of fuss, as is visible through their strokeplay. WICB bowlers are pressing for another wicket before Stumps, but these two top-order batsmen have been relentless in their approach.


16 overs – India: 51/2, Rahul 8, Pujara 8; WICB 180

Rahul and Pujara have batted sensibly so far and haven’t let their guard down. In the process, they have also brought up the 50 for India. India would look to see off the remaining overs and walk out at stumps unscathed from hereon.

14 overs – India: 46/2, Rahul 8, Pujara 3; WICB 180

Cheteshwar Pujara is the new batsman. 

And, as Dhawan walks back, Vijay perishes by nicking one behind to the keeper. WICB have their first wicket. India are 34/2, and the drinks break has been taken.

11 overs – India: 34/1, Rahul 0, Vijay 23; WICB 180

India have lost their first wicket as Shikhar Dhawan has been dismissed by Dawes and KL Rahul has replaced him at the crease. The signs are good here for Rahul, in particular, because he has played both of India’s practice games, once as an opener, and now as a No. 3. Chances are high that he might bat at this very position in the first Test that begins on July 21.

10 overs – India: 34/0, Dhawan 9, Vijay 23; WICB 180

Two quiet overs have followed in the form of two maidens. But the Indian bowlers have safely negotiated the first 10 overs and with it, presumably, the new ball and the travails that come with it, if you’re a batsman.

8 overs – India: 34/0, Dhawan 9, Vijay 23; WICB 180

Murali Vijay is soldiering on and is dismissing the West Indies bowlers with some ease. India have started well in their first innings, and would look to make this opening stand count as much as possible.

6 overs – India: 21/0, Dhawan 9, Vijay 11; WICB 180

Two quiet overs follow the initial run fest by the Indian openers. Just a solitary run has been scored off the 5th over, while the 6th one was a maiden. 

4 overs – India: 20/0, Dhawan 8, Vijay 11; WICB 180

For a start, Dhawan and Vijay are playing freely and are scoring boundaries almost every over. A glorious square cut in the 4th over followed Dhawan’s pull in the 2nd over to take India’s score to 20/0 after 4 overs.

2 overs – India: 14/0, Dhawan 8, Vijay 6; WICB 180

Both Indian openers get off the mark in style, with boundaries, which included a glorious pull shot by Dhawan off a chin-high short ball. A good, positive start for India.

The Indian innings is about to begin. Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan are out there to open the Indian innings. Kemar Roach to take the new ball for WICB.

62.4 overs – WICB 180 all out

The post tea session starts off with a wicket for India. Amit Mishra traps Dawes leg-before-wicket. Ashwin gets Gudakesh Motie caught behind in the next over to wrap up the WICB innings. WICB President’s XI have been bowled out for 180.

TEA – Day 1

61 overs – WICB: 171/8, Roach 10, Dawes 18

So it’s tea time on Day 1 of the 2nd practice match for the Indian cricket team against the West Indies Cricket Broad President’s XI. This session too belonged to India, as they got four more wickets, in addition to the four that they had taken in the first session. India would look to bowl the opposition out as quickly as possible when they come out for the final session, while the WICB batsmen would look to cross the 200-run mark at first, and then take it from there.

59 overs – WICB: 167/8, Roach 6, Dawes 13

A boundary each from the last two overs pushes the WICB score closer to the 200-run mark. Will they be able to get there? Indians would be looking to bowl them out before they do. Mishra and Ashwin are bowling in tandem now. 

57 overs – WICB: 158/8, Roach 4, Dawes 12

Dawes gets on the offensive now. After an outside edge had gone past gully in the 56th over, that was bowled by Thakur, he launches Ashwin over long-on for a maximum. The tailenders are trying to maximize the number the runs while they are there at the crease and are playing free, unrestricted cricket.

55 overs – WICB: 144/8, Roach 1, Dawes 1

Ashwin gets his second wicket. WICB lose their 8th and are 142/8.

Cornwall’s luck finally runs out, as Ashwin grabs his second wicket. The flighted ball outside off was met on the full by Cornwall, who used his feet t get to the pitch of the ball, but couldn’t generate the requisite power, as the fielder in the cover region took a simple catch.

Jason Dawes is the new batsman.

53 overs – WICB: 142/7, Roach 1, Cornwall 40

Cornwall hits another boundary, this time off Thakur, while Ashwin, who comes back to replace Mishra at the other end, bowls a maiden over.

51 overs – WICB: 136/7, Roach 1, Cornwall 35

Thakur and Mishra continue to build up the pressure after the fall of the seventh wicket. Except Cornwall no other WICB batsman has been able to bat freely and counter the Indian bowling attack successfully.

49 overs – WICB: 134/7, Roach 0, Cornwall 35

Mishra gets his first wicket, WICB have lost their seventh.

Cornwall continues his assault on the Indian leg spinner by smashing him for another boundary, before the last ball of the over saw Hamilton pulling a delivery straight to the man at deep midwicket. India have got their 7th wicket.

Kemar Roach is the new batsman.

Shardul Thakur has been brought back. He bowls a maiden over to start his second spell. Mishra continues from the other end.

47 overs – WICB: 129/6, Hamilton 1, Cornwall 29

One more maiden overs follows after the drinks break. Jadeja and Mishra are building pressure from both ends. But, the big and bulky Cornwall, who was smashing Mishra until recently, has continued on his own merry way. 5 runs from the last two overs.

45 overs – WICB: 124/6, Hamilton 0, Cornwall 25

Cornwall continues to slog, as he reaps off another boundary at the expense of Mishra. The players head off for the drinks break.

44 overs – WICB: 119/6, Hamilton 0, Cornwall 20

The left-arm spinner from Saurashtra has made his presence felt in his first outing itself by bagging three wickets. Mishra, after being erratic in his first two overs, has come back well and has bowled a maiden. Jadeja follows Mishra’s over with a maiden of his own. Runs have become hard to get for the WICB batsmen.

Jadeja strikes again. India have earned their sixth wicket. Hoge has been trapped leg-before-wicket. WICB: 119/6.

Jahmar Hamilton is the new batsman. Jadeja now has three wickets to his name.

41 overs – WICB: 119/5, Hodge 6, Cornwall 20

Cornwall is in a mood to get some quick runs here. He smashed the first ball of Mishra’s 1st over for a six, and the 1st ball of the leg spinner’s 2nd over for a boundary. In a mood to get some quick runs, are the WICB batsmen.

39 overs – WICB: 111/5, Hodge 6, Cornwall 12

Amit Mishra has been introduced into the attack, albeit a bit late, in the 39th over. He gets clubbed for a six off his very first ball by Cornwall, but comes back well and induces an edge off the batsman’s bat off the last ball of his 1st over, that lands in between the keeper and a widish first slip.

37 overs – WICB: 103/5, Hodge 6, Cornwall 4

India get their 5th wicket. Jadeja gets his second wicket of the innings, as Blackwood gets bowled around his legs. The WICB are in some trouble now and India are in the driver's seat. The set batsman is out now, and all of a sudden, we have two new batsmen at the crease, as Rakheem Cornwall walks out to bat.

35 overs – WICB: 91/4, Hodge 4, Blackwood 30

Add to that two more maiden overs. Ashwin and Jadeja are giving no opportunities whatsoever to the WICB batsmen. Patience is the key here, both for the bowlers as well as for the batsmen.

33 overs – WICB: 91/4, Hodge 4, Blackwood 30

Two maiden overs follow, as the two Indian spinners look to bog the WICB batsmen down at the crease. They are doing a good job at that at the moment. It is a test of patience for the home side, as they absolutely cannot afford to lose another wicket.

31 overs – WICB: 91/4, Hodge 4, Blackwood 30

The Indian spinners are trying to maintain the pressure after the fall of the 4th wicket. Blackwood, however, looks unperturbed as he is looking to score freely. He scored a boundary off Ashwin, and so did Hodge. The WICB batsmen need to be patient here. Another wicket here can put them in deep trouble.

28 overs – WICB: 81/4, Hodge 0, Blackwood 25

Jadeja picks up a wicket now. India get their fourth. Vishaul Singh nicks one to Pujara and departs after having made just 3 runs. Montcin Hodge is the new batsman.

27 overs – WICB: 81/3, Singh 3, Blackwood 25

Signs of aggression being shown by Blackwood, as he slog-sweeps an Ashwin delivery over deep midwicket for a six. He follows that with a boundary off the last ball of the 27th over.

26 overs – WICB: 71/3, Singh 3, Blackwood 15

Alright, the second session is underway now. Ravichandran Ashwin begins the proceedings for India, and bowls a maiden over first up. Jadeja continues from the other end, who initiates a huge appeal off his second ball, against Blackwood, but the umpire denies.

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