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Martin Crowe: If David Warner doesn't change behaviour, he should be removed from cricket

9.60K   //    19 Jan 2015, 13:20 IST
David Warner Rohit Sharma
Suresh Raina attempts to stop the argument between David Warner and Rohit Sharma

Former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe has heavily criticised David Warner’s behaviour and recommended the International Cricket Council (ICC) to introduce yellow and red cards to keep such players under control. Warner was involved in an ugly altercation with Indian batsman Rohit Sharma yesterday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Writing on ESPNCricinfo, Crowe said: “Warner can play, but he is the most juvenile cricketer I have seen on a cricket field. I don't care how good he is: if he continues to show all those watching that he doesn't care, he must be removed, either by Cricket Australia or definitely by the world governing body.

“The more he gets away with it, the more others will follow his pitiful actions. Already we see one or two of his team-mates enjoying being close to his hideous energy.”

Crowe: Warner is the worst behaved cricketer

Although there have been many cricketers who have crossed the line recently, the 52-year-old believes that Warner is the worst of the lot. Crowe feels that it won’t be long before others players follow the Australian opener’s methods if he continues to get away with his actions.

“There are others who are borderline, but Warner is the worst culprit,” Crowe said.

“Shall we wait for a king hit in front of thousands of kids watching, and the many women who are enjoying supporting husbands and boyfriends who are devoted to the game? Do we wait for blood to be spilt on the pitch, lawsuits to follow? Do we sit by and watch this ever-increasing thuggery grow into a runaway train dragging cricket through another unnecessary controversy?”

Warner was fined 50% of his match fees yesterday, but Crowe feels that such fines won’t bother cricketers at all. He has suggested the ICC bring in yellow and red cards so that players are kept under control.

“Fining these serial offenders is not going to work. You have to take them out of the game for extended periods. Two yellow cards should result in a red card, which should ban any player for six months. This is the only way it will be dealt with,” Crowe added.

Joe Root supports Crowe’s suggestion

English batsman Joe Root, who was punched by Warner at a bar in 2013, supported Crowe’s suggestion of introducing yellow and red cards in the game of cricket.


"Yeah, why not?" was the 24-year-old’s response when he was asked the question at a press conference. Root also added that he was sure that things wouldn’t go so out of line that we’d see physical confrontations on the cricket field.

“There's obviously been a few things that have happened in the last six months. That's not good for the game, but I can't see it going that far to lead to a punch. It's not ice hockey,” he said.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Kevin Pietersen dismissed the suggestion as a “stupid idea”.

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