Video: Michael Clarke sets innovative field against Pakistan

The bizarre field set by Australia

Michael Clarke is known to be one of the most innovative captains in modern-day cricket, but in the 2nd Test between Pakistan and Australia in Abu Dhabi, he took his experimental ways to a whole new level when he set a strange field in an attempt to unsettle Pakistan’s batsmen.

With Younis Khan and Mohammad Hafeez batting without much difficultly, Clarke placed a fielder right in between where a mid-off and mid-on would usually be positioned. The fielder was situated right behind the bowler when the bowler began his run up.

You can watch the same in this following video where Mitchell Johnson is right behind Peter Siddle when the latter stats his run up.

That was not the only odd thing about the field as we can see from the picture above. Two men were placed at short cover and two at mid-wicket to discourage the Pakistani batsmen from playing drives on the up.

The field placements did not play much dividends as Pakistan continued to bat comfortably.

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