The most embarrassing thing happened to me in the Nidahas Trophy final, says Vijay Shankar

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The Indian all-rounder is looking to play and improve during the IPL

Still not over the brilliant last ball win India registered against Bangladesh this Sunday? Neither are We.

But unlike all the Indians one man who was a part of the match is still under the shock and finding it difficult to get out that nightmare he had that night.

Yes, we are talking about Indian All Rounder Vijay Shankar.

Shankar had a horrific outing in the Nidahas Trophy Final against Bangladesh. He was promoted in the order ahead of the experienced Dinesh Karthik but his first batting opportunity in the international circuit was one that he would like to forget and move on quickly.

Having scored 17 off 19 balls, it is no brainer that Vijay did not do justice to his batting abilities but he was almost declared a "Villain" that night on social media when India required 35 in three overs and he played four consecutive dot balls in Mustafizur Rahman's over and the chase got very steep for India from their until Karthik came up with his heroics and guided the team home.

Shankar is back to India now and is preparing for IPL trying to forget what happened on Sunday.

Sportskeeda got hold of him and the all-rounder exclusively spoke to our Representative Abbas Haider and spoke about his experiences in Sri Lanka, what exactly happened that night in the middle and his plans for upcoming IPL.

Here is the excerpt from the interview.

Q- We would like to start with your Indian Debut. How was it? Can you put the feeling into words?

Shankar: I think it is very difficult to put it into words because the moment I got the cap it was a dream come true moment for me.

I had my heartbeat going up the moment I wore that jersey. I worked hard for that and finally when I was in that moment I felt really happy for myself.

Q- You were the man of the match in one T20I as well. Must it have felt good?

Shankar: Except for the last match, it was a pretty decent series for me. I learned a lot and it was important for me to learn from mistakes and keep moving forward because up and down are part of everyone’s career.

Q- Talking about that Infamous match Vijay, were you under some sort of pressure when you went into a bat?

Shankar: I won’t say I was under pressure when I went there to bat. I was confident that I would get those runs.

It was just one over in which I messed up and things looked very bad after that. Till now it is very difficult to come out of it because it’s a very very big moment for a cricketer to bat in the final and to do well in the final is a huge thing.

I was very much disappointed the way things turned. The worst thing is when you are prepared for everything and I was prepared to go in bat and get those runs but when I was unable to do so and it left me disheartened but I am looking forward to the coming IPL where I can go and do well.

Q- But it surprised so many including me, that you weren’t able to connect while Mustafizur Rahman was bowling because you both have shared the dressing room while you were in Sunrisers Hyderabad and you must have played him in net Quite Often?

Shankar: Exactly, this is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to me because I generally don’t play many dot balls so when it happened things looked quite different to me but I was very happy that at the end of the day we won.

Q- Can totally relate to you but when we won who came up to you first saying not to be embarrassed and things like these happen?

Shankar: Dinesh Karthik, he approached me first as soon as he came back to the dressing room and also the fielding coach Sridhar, they told me to move forward and said that these things happen, have happened in the past and I cannot and should not live with Guilt.

Q- Vijay, after the match the social media was filled with jokes on you. Did you responded or did you read them what was your response?

Shankar: Social Media is something that works both ways.

When we do good people appreciate it, like when I got the Man of the match award people appreciated me.

So when they are praising me when I am doing well I think I should be ready to face the criticism when I didn’t do well.

Q- Talking about IPL Vijay, you will be playing for Delhi this year. What are your plans? Have you set a goal for yourself?

Shankar: As a cricketer, I always think of learning and improving my cricket. I would love to win the matches for my team.

I give my heart out to the team I play for so If I can win some for Delhi this Year, I would be very happy.

Q- You will be shifting from Hyderabad to Delhi. Will you miss the Biryani or are you looking forward to Chhole Bhature.

Shankar: (Laughs) I love Delhi food. The fitness regime is strict so I restrict myself but whenever I am in Delhi I make sure that I go to a Dhaba to have North Indian food.

Q- Which four Teams do you think will make it to IPL Playoff this year?

Shankar: This year it is going to be really interesting because teams have a different set of players, unlike last years when the team was almost set and only a few people were inducted during auctions.

I have played with the Delhi players a lot and as a unit, if Delhi can make it to Top four I would be really happy.

We, at Sportskeeda, wish Shankar all the best for this year’s IPL and his future. He is indeed a brilliant all-rounder and let not an off performance at Nidahas Trophy final make you think otherwise.

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