"It always should have been run out" - Sachin Tendulkar on MCC's Mankading rule change

Sachin Tendulkar. (Image source: Getty)
Sachin Tendulkar. (Image source: Getty)

India's batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar approves of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)'s amendments to run out laws. Running out the batter at the non-striker's end before the delivery is bowled has been moved from Law 41 (Unfair play) to Law 38 (Run out).

In a video posted on his social media handles, Sachin Tendulkar mentioned that he was uncomfortable with such dismissals being referred to as 'Mankaded'. He expressed happiness with the MCC's decision to acknowledge the mode of dismissal as a run out. Sachin Tendulkar said:

“New rules have been introduced in cricket by the MCC committee and I am quite supportive of a couple of them. The first one being the Mankading dismissal. I was always uncomfortable with that particular dismissal being called Mankaded."
“I am really happy that it’s been changed to run out. It always should have been run out according to me. So this is one good news for all of us. I was not comfortable with it all but that won’t be the case anymore."

Time and time again 'Mankading' has sparked debates among fans and the cricket fraternity, with many questioning its validity. The stigma surrounding these dismissals is expected to end after the MCC moved the law from its unfair play section.

"It’s absolutely fair" - Sachin Tendulkar on new batter taking strike in case of a catch dismissal

Tendulkar also welcomed the change in the rules of a new batter taking the strike after a catch dismissal, unless the wicket falls on the final ball of an over. He believes it is fair if a bowler has been successful in picking a wicket, then he should be able to bowl at a new batter right away. Tendulkar said:

“And the second one where the batter is dismissed, being caught, the new batter has to come and face the ball. The new batter takes the strike. It’s absolutely fair because if a bowler has been successful in picking a wicket it’s only fair that a bowler gets a chance to bowl to a new batter. This new rule is a good one and well done on that."

It is worth mentioning that the aforementioned change was first tried during England's The Hundred competition. It will now be introduced across formats from October.

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