"That is where the individual can blossom" - Rohit Sharma on the importance of role clarity in Team India

Rohit Sharma is yet to lose a series as India's full-time captain. (P.C.:Getty)
Rohit Sharma is yet to lose a series as India's full-time captain. (P.C.:Getty)

Indian captain Rohit Sharma has opened up on one of his major roles as the leader of the Men in Blue. He believes it is his responsibility to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every individual and assign them a clear role based on what the team expects from them.

According to Rohit, when players are given such clarity in their roles, they can gradually come back to form even if they're going through a lean patch. The 35-year-old feels that if the players focus on what the team needs from them, their individual performances can automatically improve.

Speaking about his ideology as the captain of the current Indian team, here's what Rohit was recently quoted as saying by PTI:

"Obviously, for me, it's just to quickly adapt to certain individuals and then understand what they need, what their strong points are, and where they are weak. That is where the individual can blossom because when we give them the clarity of what the team is expecting from them, he will be able to work towards that direction and he can work on his game in many ways and then improve his game as well."

Rohit Sharma on importance of dealing with pressure

Rohit Sharma understands that as players representing India, they already have a lot of pressure to perform. So as captain, both he and the team management try to have a relaxed atmosphere in the dressing room.

Rohit also spoke about the importance of team bonding, stating:

"For me as captain, it's very important that we create an environment for the players where they don't feel that it's a very high-pressure environment. We try and create (an environment) for the guys to come out in this team and try to have fun and enjoy each other's company."

He further added:

"Because I strongly feel that it's important not to allow the pressure to creep in too much. When you're playing, obviously, there will be pressure because when you are holding the ball in your hand, there is pressure on you as a bowler."

Will Rohit Sharma be able to lead India to their first ICC Trophy in nine years when they take the field in the T20 World Cup? Let us know in the comments.

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