"This is unacceptable" - Rashid Latif unhappy with absence of Pakistan's name on Asia Cup 2023 jerseys

Rashid Latif commented on the jerseys for Asia Cup 2023
Rashid Latif commented on the jerseys for the Asia Cup 2023

Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has lashed out at the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) over the absence of the host nation's name on Asia Cup 2023 jerseys. Pakistan is the official host of the mega event, but there is no mention of the host nation on any of the jerseys.

Generally, in big tournaments, the name of the host nation is printed with the logo on one side of the jersey. Fans would have noticed that 'ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 India' is printed on the World Cup jersey of Pakistan.

However, there is no mention of Pakistan or co-host Sri Lanka on the jerseys worn by players in the Asia Cup 2023. Commenting on the same, Rashid Latif was quoted as saying by NDTV Sports:

"This is unacceptable and it is the Asian Cricket Council which must explain this oversight since the Asia Cup is their property."

A lot of Pakistan fans have criticized the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the same reason, but the board has unofficially tried to play down the situation by saying that the ACC made a call to do away with the host nation's mention on the jerseys for the Asia Cup tournaments going forward.

"Makes no sense at all" - Mohsin Khan comments on host country's absence in Asia Cup 2023 kits

Former Pakistan batter Mohsin Khan gave his two cents on this matter as well and opined that the decision made no sense at all. He pointed out that the ACC allowed teams to have the name of host nation on their jerseys during the age-group and emerging-level tournaments organized this year only.

“Makes no sense at all. Then why has the ACC given the host country's name on the logos for their Asian Emerging Nations Cup or their Asian under-16 event held in July in Malaysia?” Khan argued.

An unnamed former Pakistan cricketer opined that India may not want to wear a jersey with Pakistan's name on it, which is why the ACC would have done away with the rule.

“Given the current scenario between the two countries perhaps the BCCI official felt it would be embarrassing for the Indian team players to wear kits with the name of Pakistan on the official Asia Cup logo,” he said.

Rashid Latif did not rule out the aforementioned possibility. He concluded by demanding a clarification for the absence of the host country's name on the Asia Cup 2023 jerseys.

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