WTC final: "Rahul Dravid never interferes with players' techniques, focuses only on mental and tactical aspects" - Shubman Gill

Rahul Dravid (L) alongside Shubman Gill (PC: Instagram))
Rahul Dravid (L) alongside Shubman Gill (PC: Instagram))

Shubman Gill has hailed his Under-19 coach and former India captain Rahul Dravid for his tutelage.

The young opener said that although Rahul Dravid himself was a very technically sound batsman, he rarely focuses on that aspect while coaching and instead helps players with tactical tips.

Rahul Dravid has been praised for building India's redoubtable bench strength through the India 'A' and Under-19 programs. In the absence of the main coaching staff, Rahul Dravid will soon manage India's second-string international side to a limited-overs tour of Sri Lanka.

Appearing on The Grade Cricketer's YouTube channel, Shubman Gill said:

"He's a kind of a coach who doesn't like to tweak much with players' [techniques]. He won't go to a player and say 'improve this in your technique' or do this or that. He focuses more on the mental and tactical aspects, how you can approach your game, how you can be mentally tougher in a tough situation.

Gill said:

"People would think that because he was so technically solid he would be telling them a lot of technical stuff but he works more on the tactical aspect and the mindset of the players."

Shubman Gill was also asked whose advice he would heed if his father (also Gill's childhood coach) and Rahul Dravid gave him contrasting suggestions.

The 21-year-old chose neither, stating that he would rather blame himself for his mistake than anybody else.

"I would not listen to either, I will just listen to myself and do what I want to do because at the end of the day when you get out the only person who will regret the most is yourself. [You'll think] 'Why did I listen to them when I could have got out doing my thing, at least I wouldn't have had anyone else to blame it to.'"

"When you think too far ahead of yourself, you tend to get desperate" - Shubman Gill

Asked about the intense competition in Indian cricket, especially among youngsters, to shine at the highest level, Shubman Gill said he wasn't aware of it because he believes in being in the present as looking too far ahead can make a player 'desperate'.

"Honestly, I wasn't aware at all. It's just that when you keep playing, you just want to perform at the place you are in, you don't think too far ahead. [You can' think like] 'I have to perform here then maybe I'll get selected there, and then I'll perform there and maybe I'll get selected and go further ahead.' I was not thinking like that at all. Whatever I was playing at that particular time, I just wanted to do my best there.

Shubman Gill added:

"That's why it's important to stay in the present...When you think too far ahead of yourself you tend to get desperate and things then start slipping out of your hand rather than if you just try and let things come to you and just keep doing your thing."

Shubman Gill will next be seen in the World Test Championship (WTC) final against New Zealand from June 18.

Edited by Arjun Panchadar
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