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Praises from high places for Team India

Uday Joshi
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Indian team celebrates after a historic test series victory.
Indian team celebrates after a historic test series victory.

If there one game that the whole of the subcontinent loves and celebrates then it is cricket. The game has become a part of people's life, lifestyle, and in some ways the way of living too, thanks to many idols of their respective countries.

When we look at India and Pakistan we look at two giant cricketing nations with a great history along with it. Legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev made Indian flag fly high while at the same time Javed Miandad and Imran Khan ensured that cricket's glory wasn't restricted to their arch-rivals.

For subcontinental nations, it has always been tough to embrace victory in SENA especially in Australia. Many legendary teams have failed to do it in the past. And no sooner did the team led by flamboyant Virat Kohli won their first ever test series on Australian soil it was a celebration not only limited to India but to the entire subcontinent.

It was for the first time that an Indian team had won a test series on Australian soil in 72 years! A moment when history books were rewritten. It was such an auspicious occasion that the entire cricket frenzied national leaders bowed down to the Indian team for their achievement.

And let us look at some of the tweets by national leaders of India and Pakistan.

#1 The Pakistani prime minister and yesteryear cricketing legend Imran Khan congratulated the Indian team for their historic achievement

#2 The President of India had some special thoughts on the epic victory

#3 Prime Minister Narendra Modi as always congratulated the victorious team in his own style