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Best quotes on Rohit Sharma that were never said

25.99K   //    26 Oct 2016, 23:37 IST

DISCLAIMER: The following quotes have been written as a joke and are NOT true. Please read them with a pinch of salt.

Rohit Sharma failed yet again last night against New Zealand, getting dismissed for just 11 in the fourth ODI at Ranchi. So in order to recognise his performances (or rather the lack of it), we decided to turn back the clock and compiled a list of famous quotes on Rohit Sharma that were never said.

“That is how Rohit Sharma is. You tell him he played badly and he will tell you that Manish Pandey played even more badly. I don't know if he is a human-being. How can a human-being waste so many opportunities?” - Harsha Bhogle

“Rohit Sharma is a perfect anti-role-model for youngsters. He has set a great example for all of us to not follow. We all try to avoid his path.” -  KL Rahul

“Rohit Sharma could get out like me but I could never get out like him.” Chris Gayle

“If you really want to see a wasted talent, look into Rohit Sharma’s eyes.”AB de Villiers

“Try to take his wicket in the first 5 minutes. If you can't then, don’t worry, he'll throw his wicket himself.” - Tim Southee

“Team in trouble? Who got you there? Rohit Sharma.” Anil Kumble

“If you can't get Rohit’s wicket, you're struggling in your career.” - Mitchell Starc

“If there is one Indian player who could struggle to get a direct entry into the famous Australian Under-17 cricket team, it will be Rohit Sharma.” – Austin Waugh (Steve Waugh’s son)

“Rohit Sharma is to cricket what Harman Baweja is to Bollywood.”Karan Johar

“If you commit all your crimes when Rohit Sharma is batting, please be quick. He’ll get out soon, and you won’t have much time.” – A placard at Ranchi

“If I have to put anyone to bat for my life, it’ll be Rohit Sharma.”Euthanasia seeker

“Rohit has always been in the shadow of Sir Jadeja. If you take his record it’s as bad as Jadeja but you can’t compare both as they are different kind of players. Rohit is a bigger troll-material.”ScoopWhoop Founder

“I taught cricket to Rohit Sharma.” Baba Gurmeet Raam Rahim Singh

“You get him out and then the match truly starts.” – James Anderson

“MS Dhoni has carried the burden of Rohit for 7 long years. It’s time I did the same.” Virat Kohli

“I don’t know cricket; I don’t know how Rohit plays. But I still try to watch him playing because I want to know the reason why 0.5% of my country collectively starts hurling abuses on social media when he is batting.” – Barack Obama

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