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SK Adda: Virat Kohli vs MS Dhoni - Whose captaincy style is better?

Aadya Sharma
2.06K   //    29 Nov 2016, 18:47 IST

Sportskeeda Adda is where fans become critics, giving their opinion on topics that matter to the game. As hotly debated as cricket discussions are, it is fun to get the viewpoints of the game’s ardent followers: those who keep their eyes glued to it, scrutinizing every move of the players.

Your response has blown the ceiling this time around.

We asked: Whose captaincy style is better: Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni.

While one keeps things under control by keeping his emotions in check, the other one likes to openly express himself on the cricket field. They’re different to each other like chalk and cheese, but there isn’t no denying the fact that both have been instrumental in taking the team to the lofty pedestals it now sits on.

Interestingly, after India’s win in the Mohali Test, an interesting piece of co-incidence floated up and was shared by us.

While lots of you wrote in with your thoughts, here are some of the responses that we feature: 

Dheeraj Acharya “Virat Kohli is like "Soya hua Sher, if you mess with him, not even god can save you. While MS Dhoni is like "Jaaga hua Sher" no one even dares to mess with him ...”

Shashank Jodge “ MSD is the best for limited overs captaincy because it needs calmness to rethink in an intense pressure situation.
For tests, you need aggression, you need to better your opponents. So the aggression keeps you and your team alive and kicking. Virat the run machine Kohli is better.


Arun Akee “Captain cool is best....
He doesn't care about the other team who stimulate their anger so that they lose their mind and will stay out of focus of the game. He always stays calm through the match and knows the complete potential of his team members”.

Sharif Ullah Walizada “I love you MS Dhoni. I am 16 year old fan of you from Afghanistan. I like your captaincy. I love cricket, but here in Afghanistan, people like me can’t reach their aim. Wish you all the best. I love you and it’s my aim to see you from near, if someday I become a good cricketer like you.
I love you Dhoni, you are my superstar. Not only my superstar, but the superstar of the world.

Rohit Panda “Kohli is yet to be tested in trying conditions. If you really want to compare, I'd have to say M S Dhoni is a better captain. The reason is simple. He got us every trophy there is which includes the baton for number one ranked Test team. He was also the first captain to whitewash the Australians at home(tests) and away (t20). Kohli has a long way to go. Till now everything has gone his way. Let's see how he deals when someone like an Ashwin or a Pujara gets injured or is out of form. Let's not forget it was Dhoni who built this whole test team (apart from Jayant Yadav). And Kohli is at the moment just enjoying the fruits of Dhoni's hard work”.

Amit Manna “I think..Virat is better than Dhoni, because Dhoni always keep his mind cool. Yet he played always defensive,  but Virat is not only a cool minded person, but also he is aggressive, which is needed”.

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