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SK Epic Cricket Fails: India serve Ben Stokes a ton on the platter

Shyam Sunder
12.18K   //    10 Nov 2016, 14:58 IST
Ben Stokes
The Englishman was finally dismissed by Umesh Yadav after having scored 128 runs

The England cricket team are currently dominating the Indians in the first Test match at Rajkot. In what looks like a batting paradise the England batsmen had a run feast on the first day, thanks to some quality batting from Joe Root and Moeen Ali. However, the Indians could have found themselves in a better position had the fielders been a bit more supportive. The bowlers were hard done by quite a few dropped catches from the Indian fielders.

WATCH: Saha drops Stokes twice

The second day turned out to be no different as the complacent fielding of the Indians continued. While Root and Ali made full use of their chances by scoring centuries, Ben Stokes hurt the Indian bowlers on the second day.

The all-rounder turned out to be lucky on as many as six occasions during his marathon innings. The batsman then went on to record his fourth Test century, the first against Indians, as the sorry tale of the Indian fielders continued.

The series of missed chances,

Over 112.5

Ben Stokes chased a length delivery well outside off from Umesh Yadav with an angled batted drive and got a thick outside edge. The ball flew to Wriddhiman Saha at a good height to his left, but he shelled it by going one-handed on the dive. Stokes was batting on 60 then.

Over 114.4

It was Yadav once again and Stokes slashed hard at a wide delivery and got a thick outside edge again. And it was Saha again who flew aimlessly and let the ball go through his palms. He went with both hands on this occasion, but the result was the same. The all-rounder was batting on 61.


Over 124.4

Mohammed Shami bowled a full delivery to Stokes which he bunted into the ground, there was some hesitation between Stokes and Adil Rashid over whether to run and Virat Kohli fired the throw from mid-on at the striker's end. The replays showed Stokes well short of the crease had it been a direct hit. The batsman was on 85 then.

Over 126.5

Shami was bowling to Stokes who got under a good yorker and pushed it towards mid-on. The batsman rushed for a run straight away while the non-striker was ball watching. Amit Mishra didn't realise there was a misunderstanding and was slow to the ball. Huge cries came in from the fielders in the ring and it was acceptable as Stokes would have been caught short clearly. He got a life again on 89.  

Over 127.1

Ravindra Jadeja was bowling to Stokes, who went for a slog and miscued it. Kohli called for the ball and went for it, had his eyes pretty set on the ball but was not quick enough to reach it. He was running towards deep mid-on while it clearly looked like Murali Vijay's catch who was stationed at long-on. Stokes got another life on 90.

Over 134.1

Ravichandran Ashwin bowled a flighted delivery to Stokes who charged at the ball looking to go for a big blow. However, he got a thick outside edge which skewed over cover but landed safely in no man's land. He turned out to be lucky for the sixth time and this was the luckiest one as he was batting on 97.

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The Indians missed quite a few run-out chances as well while the Englishman eventually went on to register his 4th Test century, much to the disappointment of the Indian players who could have sent him back a lot earlier. The Englishman was finally dismissed by Umesh Yadav after having scored 128 runs.

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