SK Epic Cricket Fails: A catch taken beyond the boundary ropes

Joe Burns and McCullum ran back in spectacular fashion when attempting a catch

A batsman strikes one that goes skywards and fielders scamper through to get under it – a familiar sight in cricket.

Players colliding and a catch dropped – that’s happened as well.

But how often have we see players colliding, a catch being taken and the batsman staying “Not out”. This was just what transpired in the 23rd match of the ongoing Big Bash League between Perth Scorchers and Brisbane Heat.

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It happened in the ninth over.

Ben Cutting delivered a regulation good length ball which Michael Klinger skied towards long-off. Joe Burns ran back in pursuit from mid-on while Brisbane Heat’s skipper Brendon McCullum gave chase from mid-off.

With the boundary ropes just a couple of feet before them, Burns got to the ball first. And just as he did, McCullum crashed into his hip throwing him off balance.

As the ball bobbled about, Burns had the presence of mind to stay composed, keep his eyes on the ball and complete the catch. Great effort indeed!

There was just one problem.

The momentum of his sprint and the slide, took him out and beyond the boundary ropes. And when he came to a standstill, he had the ball in his hands. Not Out indeed!

The players simply grinned at each other at the end of it all

As the crowd cheered aloud, the players realised what had just happened. McCullum, always the good sport, walked up to his teammate and held out a hand. “Good one mate” – he probably said.

In the heat of the breathtaking pursuit and catch, the umpires awarded four runs to Klinger.

Now a fielder taking a catch and stepping over the ropes warrants that a six be awarded to the batsman, but the umpires clearly did not have a good visual with both players sprawling on the ground.

A couple of deliveries later, the four was upgraded to six and the game moved along. The Scorchers finished on 156-5, with Michael Klinger making the most of his reprieve by scoring a 54-ball 81, despite some tight bowling from the Heat bowlers.

At the end of it all, despite a catch being grassed, Burns and McCullum smiled along and provided us with yet another enjoyable moment from the highly entertaining Big Bash.

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