SK Epic Cricket Fails: Kumar Dharmasena makes a mess after England review

Dharmasena hasn’t had a great time as either the umpire or the third umpire

Being an umpire is not easy. With plenty of noise everywhere, the on-field umpire’s job is often a thankless one, which is why the addition of the Decision Review System was seen as a great move. With the help of replays and all the latest technology at their finger tips, the job of a third umpire is supposed to be easy.

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However, despite all the technology that is available, sometimes human error is inevitable. And that is precisely what happened in the second ODI during the 47th over of the England innings when Liam Plunkett opted to use the DRS after being given out lbw on-field off the bowling of Jasprit Bumrah and Kumar Dharmasena committed a blunder.

With the run-rate on the rise, Plunkett knew that he had to do something different and that is what happened when he walked across and tried to clip the ball but ended up missing it. The umpire gave him out after a while but the batsman immediately reviewed as he felt he had walked across and the impact was outside off.

And he wasn’t wrong as umpire Anil Chaudhary’s mistake was found out as the the ball was hitting him outside off. Although it went on to hit the stumps, it was not out and the simple matter of that being passed onto the on-field umpire didn’t happen thanks to a blunder from Kumar Dharmasena.

Decision review
There was no bat involved and although it was hitting the stumps, the impact was outside

Although evidence was clear that it was not out, Kumar Dharmasena asked the on-field umpire to stay with his original decision.

Here is what he said during the referral. “(when Ultra edge showed up) Nothing there. Just roll back for me to confirm again. I can see clear daylight between the bat and the ball and you can go to ball tracking when it is ready.”

Aside from the obvious goof-up with regards to his usage of the word daylight after 9 in the night, what followed was just comical. He said: “It’s impact outside the line and you can stay with your original decision.”

Although it was clear that it was not out, instead of asking the umpire, Anil to reverse his decision, Dharmasena asked him to stay with his incorrect initial call of out. The confusion was evident as the umpire stayed with his original decision and gave him out.

In the end, however, common sense prevailed as the on-field umpire, Anil Chaudhary reversed his decision and Plunkett was given another chance. In the end, however, it didn't make too much of a difference as England lost the match by 15 runs.

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