Steve Smith fires back at Kohli's send off and celebration

Steve Smith was not happy with Kohli's celebration

Steve Smith has fired back at Virat Kohli's celebration after taking his wicket in the first T20 match of the series between India and Australia at the Adelaide Oval. Smith was caught by Kohli for 21 runs in the 9th over in a pivotal moment in the T20 match.

Smith was speaking to the commentary team of Channel Nine just two balls before he got out. After taking his catch Kohli mimed a mouthing off gesture, perhaps indicating that had Smith's mind been on the match instead of the interview, things may have turned out different.

After Smith's dismissal Australia fell to 151 all out. They were in a good position of 89/1 before Smith was dismissed. India ended up winning the match by 37 runs. Now Smith has expressed that he did not take kindly to Kohli's dismissal.

Smith has retaliated at Kohli saying “He gets pretty emotional out there, doesn’t he?" He added, “I don’t think you need to do that kind of thing when someone gets out."

Smith tried to defend his shot which led to his wicket falling. He said "It was on at the time but for me it was just a bad shot. I tried to chip one over the top for two rather than trying to hit him for four or six. It was my fault and I've just got to be better next time."

In the wake of Maxwell calling Indian batsmen "milestone driven" and Faulkner sledging Kohli, Smith's remarks seem to ignore the fact that barbs are being thrown from both sides.

Smith further added, “It’s fine to have a little bit of banter when you’re out in the field, but when someone’s out I don’t really think that’s on.”

It does seem rather arbitrary to lay down ground rules for when one ought to sledge another and when it is just not on to take a shot at an opponent. If rules are being applied one would think that sledging itself would be deemed as unworthy of the sport.

Smith can only hit back through the media for a while as he won't be playing in the remaining matches of the T20 series against India. Both David Warner and Smith are going to be sitting out for the last two matches.

India and Australia will face off at the MCG and the match after that will be held at the SCG.

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