Tragic deaths on the cricket field

Cricket bat and balls
Cricket bat and balls

Although cricket grounds are known for showcasing the talent but occasionally some accidents happen on the ground that can never be forgotten.

Cricket is one of the most popular game. There are millions of cricket fans all over the world. But, the more interesting it is, the more dangerous it can get.

Cricket can prove to a cruel game sometimes. The hard leather ball is deadly if it hits someone badly on the body. Many cricketers have lost their lives while hitting fours and sixes on the cricket pitch. 

So, let's us recall some of the fatal incidents on the field of cricket.

#1 Harish Gangadharan

Gangadharan, a cricketer of Indian origin, died during a club match. This match was being played in Dunedin, New Zealand. Gangadharan, 33, complaint of having difficulty in breathing after bowling two overs. A few minutes later, he fell on the ground while fielding. The fellow players tried to lift them, but by then he had died.

Harish was playing for Green Iceland Cricket Club. The president of the club said,

"My heart is broken while confirming this news. Harish Gangadharan of Green Iceland Cricket Club could not be saved even after every possible effort."

According to Gangadharan's fellow players, he was a resident of Kochi and came to New Zealand five years ago. He was playing the 6th season for his club Green Iceland. Harish used to open the batting and bowled medium-pace upfront for his team.

Cyrus Barnabas, a fellow player of Gangadharan said,

"He told me three things before the match on Saturday. First, the team will score at least 250 runs, and the second, we will play 50 overs. The third thing he said was that one player will score a century."

Gangadharan died on February 4, 2019.

#2 Raman Lamba

Indian player Raman Lamba died while fielding during a club match in Bangladesh in February 1998. He was fielding at short leg when a shot from the batsman hit his dead. He was fine initially but succumbed to his injuries after struggling for three days. At the time of his death, Raman was only 38 years old. His wife was in India when this accident happened in Bangladesh. After this incident, ICC allowed the helmet for the player fielding at this position.

#3 Phil Hughes

On 27 November 2014, Phil Hughes died unexpectedly during a cricket match. Phil Hughes was playing for South Australia in the Sheffield Shield Trophy match. On November 25, New South Wales fast bowler Sean Abbott bowled a bouncer which hit Phil while playing a hook shot. The ball hit the lower part of his head below the helmet. He was rushed to the hospital but eventually died after two days.

Edited by Kingshuk Kusari
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