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Top 5 Players with most matches as captain in cricket.

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The game of cricket has witnessed many captains, some good and some bad. The pressure of captaining a team is very different from playing as an individual player. There have been many great individual players who have failed to become good captains, like Sachin Tendulkar. Sometimes, the pressure become so much that the captain starts getting affected and cannot play properly.

It is a common saying that the captain is only as good as his team. However, a captain's decisions can have great influence on the game. A captain always has tough calls and bold decisions to make. Yet, a true captain is one who believes in the decisions that he has taken. He is not afraid to take the blame for the loss of the team and credit his team for the win. The role of a captain many time goes unappreciated and it is many times a thankless job.

In this list today, we will look at the some players who were able to withstand the pressure of captaincy and were able to captain their team for long. Thus, we look at the 5 players who remained captains for the most number of matches.

#5 Allan Border (271 Matches) (Australia)

The Ashes 1981

Allan Border became the captain of Australia at a time when they were really struggling and were at their lowest point. He became the captain of the team in 1985 and then helped Australia become world champions in 1987. He is one of the most important players for Australia in their cricketing history. In fact, every year the best Australian cricketer or the Australian player of the year is awarded with the Allan Border medal.

Having captained Australia in 271 matches, Allan Border won 139 matches, lost 89 matches and tied 2 while drawing 38 matches. He had a win record of 51.29% and a win to loss ratio (W/L) of 1.56.

Allan Border was known for his fearless approach. He took some bold decisions that stunned the opposition and more often than not turned the match in his team's favour.

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