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Trend Breakers- 5 bowlers who did well Away but struggled at Home

Aniket Dass
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Johnnie Clay

That cricketers do well at home, rather than away, especially in red-ball-cricket is a well-known fact. This has become even prominent at home with almost all top teams- India, England, Australia, South Africa, dominating at home and meekly surrendering when playing away, in conditions they aren't very used to.

Cheteshwar Pujara averages 65 in India and Sri Lanka, and 26 elsewhere. James Anderson has 357 Test Wickets in England and only 196 outside. Adaptability is perhaps at its lowest ever in Test Cricket.

Who then are the bowlers who thrive in conditions foreign to them, rather than at home in conditions in which they have grown and honed their skills? So, what should be the criteria? Number of Wickets may not be the best one. It depends on the number of matches played and that varies with the era the player played in and his longevity among other factors.

Bowling average too isn't the ideal criterion as the scoring conditions have varied over eras and also regions.

For this purpose, I have evaluated the number of wickets taken per innings at home and compared it with the same stat away for each bowler who has taken a minimum of 75 wickets home as well as away and calculated the percentage improvement in the away wickets/innings stat as compared to the home wickets/innings.

For example, if a bowler takes 1 wicket per innings on average at home, and 1.2 wickets per innings on average away, his improvement is 20%.

73 bowlers qualified for this study. The following are the 5 bowlers who come out at the top-

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