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From 'dirt in the pocket' to 'Sandpaper Gate': A look at two of Cricket's biggest ball-tampering scandals 

Yash Mittal
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Smith admits to ball tampering
Smith admits to ball tampering

World cricket has been rocked by yet another scandal that has brought blemish on both the integrity and the spirit in which the game should be played. The practice of ball tampering has been rampant in cricket, from Faf du Plessis using mint to Shahid Afridi biting the ball like an apple. Over the years, cricketers have resorted to a plethora of antics to illegitimately alter the playing condition of the ball.

Here, we'll first dive into the realms as to what ball tampering really means, its inception, and the two scandals that brought blemish to the sanctity of this beautiful game.

So, what exactly is ball tampering?

Ball tampering is a practice where a fielder indulges in the use of a foreign/artificial substance in a bid to change the aerodynamics of the ball.

Afridi bites the ball like an apple
Afridi bites the ball like an apple

As per the Law 41.3 of the Laws of Cricket, a fielder can make use of the towel to rub the bowl in case it has got wet, and have mud removed under supervision. These aside, all other action employed to alter the condition of the ball is deemed illegal and against the spirit of cricket.

Here's a look at the first major furore and the succeeding two incidents where the captain's brought disrepute to the game of Cricket:

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