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Video: Bowler vomits in his run up in a World Cup match

Pomil Proch
2.93K   //    16 Mar 2015, 04:01 IST
Phil DeFreitas collapses mid-way in his run-up to Desmond Haynes

A fast bowler on song running into bowl is one of the most fearsome sights in cricket. The awe-inspiring rhythmical run-up, the flowing hair, the sweat dripping from the brow and the look of vengeance in that long cold stare. Needless to stay that fast bowlers are weapons of mass destruction in Cricket. Not only is your wicket at stake but even your ribs, your heads and your toes are in the firing line. Sometimes, survival is the only thing on batsmen's minds.

But the very beauty of Cricket is that it gives you random moments of wonder in the most unexpected situations. Don't believe us?

We present to you footage from the West Indies vs England game from the 1987 World Cup. The English pacer Phil DeFreitas can be seen marking his run up and running into bowl to Desmond Haynes.

What follows is a comedy of errors, with a hint of irony. DeFreitas was supposedly sick at the start of the game but decided to play the game –  a World Cup game, after all, is what every player dreams to feature in.

Unfortunately, as the bowler picks up speed, his chest infection aggravates, and he throws up uncontrollably in the middle of his delivery stride. To be fair to the bowler, the hot and humid conditions of the venue – Gujranwala – did not help his cause either.

Here is the video:

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