Video: Virat Kohli, Mahesh Bhupathi and Roger Federer in funny dubsmash

Roger Federer with India’s Test skipper Virat Kohli

It is not easy being a sportsman. The endless hours of training, the pressure that comes along with both victory and defeat and the constant traveling that make one look like they were someone from a bygone era, where you needed to move continuously to stay alive.

The life of a sportsman is arguably one of the toughest, simply because of all the hours involved both on and off the field of play and pressure that is created, which isn’t comparable to any other profession.

Which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise when athletes decide to let off some steam, whether it is after a gruelling day or just out of the blue, to have a little bit of banter and fun, like Virat Kohli, Mahesh Bhupathi and Roger Federer did.

Kohli, who became the co-owner of the UAE Royals, who play in the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), recently took part in a live Facebook Q&A video session with his fans.

He is at it again, this time courtesy of dubsmash video with Bhupathi and Federer.

Here is a hilarious dubsmash video where India’s Test skipper discusses the possibility of playing tennis while Bhupathi and Federer have their say on the subject.

Video Credit: International Premier Tennis League

Rib-tickling banter between Virat Kohli, Mahesh Bhupathi and

Virat Kohli wants a go at tennis. The IPTL Big Boss thinks not. Roger Federer is relieved. He stays the King for the UAE Royals!

Posted by IPTL - International Premier Tennis League on Friday, 18 December 2015

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