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Virat Kohli opines on Ravindra Jadeja's suspension from the third Test against Sri Lanka

Rupin Kale
234   //    11 Aug 2017, 19:21 IST

Ravindra Jadeja was the Man of the Match in the second Test against Sri Lanka

What's the story?

Indian skipper Virat Kohli talked about all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja's suspension from India's third Test against Sri Lanka in his pre-match conference today (August 11). The Indian skipper believes that if the players are clear about what kind of behaviour warrants the ICC demerit points, they can conduct themselves according to those guidelines in the future.

"See firstly we need to be very clear on what are the things that fall into it and what are the things that a player needs to keep in his mind while being on the field. Lot of things happen on the field which in the thick of things or heat of the moment you end up doing but you don't know what's going to cause you one or two or three points. So I think the intent counts nowadays and that's something that players need to keep in mind," said the 28-year-old.

The right-handed batsman asked for a clearly defined set of rules that international cricketers can look into and abide by. He believes that giving these demerit points to a player shouldn't vary according to the situation, as that will only create confusion in the cricketers' minds.

"It might be a very small thing but if the intent is to do something bad then obviously that is something that counts against the player. I think players have to be much more aware going ahead and just hoping that the guidelines are very similar from now on. Because it shouldn't vary according to how the situation is looked at," he added.

In case you didn't know...

Jadeja was suspended from the third Test of the ongoing India-Sri Lanka series after he earned three demerit points when he fielded the ball off his own bowling and threw it at the batsman "in an offensive manner."

These points added to the three that he had gotten earlier this year, thereby making a total of six points, which warrants for suspension from the consequent Test.

The details

Kohli talked for the suspension system more than against it, but also added that it is important for it to be consistent and free of exceptions.

He added that the suspension can be a good thing going forward, as it will enable players to be more aware of themselves, which will, in turn, be a welcome addition for improving their game.

What's next?

Kuldeep Yadav is the most probable replacement for Jadeja

Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav is most-likely to replace Jadeja in the Indian playing XI. It will be his second international Test.

He made his debut in May this year when Australia toured India for a four-match Test series. The wrist-spinner was included in the side for the fourth and final Test that was played in Dharamsala.

Author's take

Kohli's take on the suspension system is right on money and asks for nothing but a more practical approach to the same.

A well-defined addendum in the ICC code of conduct with respect to the granting demerit points will add more value to it and will urge international cricketers into taking it seriously.

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