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What an Aussie is thinking !!!

822   //    14 Mar 2013, 09:52 IST

Here we go now. Just few hours away from what can be one of the historic come backs in the history of cricket. Strange as it may sound but we all think from an Indian point of you. Let’s just for few minutes think what if we were Australian cricket lovers?

2-0 down. Everyone has thought of us that we will be facing 4-0 thrashing from the hands of Indian tigers. Never have we lost two test matches from the hands of Indians at the beginning of the series. First time in India without a quality spinner and a quality batsman apart from Michael Clarke who mind you is going through a Bradman patch. No one is expecting us to win this test match or rather even draw it. Apart from this what has hurt us the most is the fact that this maybe one of the biggest controversies we might be going through. Our vice captain has flown to Australia and is taking jibes at us. Our main wicket taking bowler in James Pattinson will not play this match due to what might be said he did not do his home work. Our wicket keeper is injured. Spinners are bowling as if they will never take wickets.Before the beginning of Ashes English are already making fun of us. Mr.Vaughan has already said that ashes matches will not go till 5th day and Mr. Flintoff is saying that by not making the 4 Australians play is like saving them from punishment rather than giving one. On top of it our very supportive media has already said that Australian cricket is dead and cannot revive.

But, what if a miracle happens. What if Starc bowls some beautiful left arm in swinging deliveries and gets  Vijay out early who usually performs once in blue moon and that has happened? What if Pujara gets a bad decision? What if Virat plays a rash shot and Sachin gets out cheaply, won’t it be a game changer? India 90 odd for 4 in first session and then our spinners Lyon and Maxwell spin a web around Indian batsman. Our ever so supportive media will come back to support us. English can’t say anything anyways after what has been done to them by another Oceanic team in New Zealand. Indian media will start criticizing then and their only and mind you India recently lost a test series at home from English and 8 test matches prior to it on foreign soil. So wouldn’t it be game on at the end of day 1?

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