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What goes through a batsman's mind while batting on 99?

Rajdeep Puri
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Batsman often face a lot of stress while on the crease. But it’s not Mitchell Starc’s pace or Dale Steyn’s aggression which causes their stress. It’s the stress of converting their score of 99 into a century.

The amount of pressure a batsman faces while batting on 99 is much more than a bowler bowling a last over of a match or a fielding coming under the ball to take a catch.

Here are the top 5 things on a batsman’s mind while batting on 99.

#5 Do I look nervous?

A batsman batting on 99 is probably would probably be more nervous than the whole world when they when they found out that Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America.

The “nervous nineties” is so real that there’s a Wikipedia page on the same with a 400-word article.

According to them, the term refers to a specific form of analysis paralysis, felt by a batsman when he has scored more than 90 runs in an innings, and is nervous because of the pressure and desire to convert this into a century (100 runs), which is considered to be a milestone of success in the game.

Not every batsman faces this issue but there are times when the nervousness shows on the batsman’s face which is why he often gets dismissed. *cough* Sachin Tendulkar *cough*

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