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What makes Sachin Tendulkar the greatest player in the history of cricket?

Parth Parikh
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Everyone has their own reason to love God.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – a name that ruled the ‘cricketing world’ for over 2 decades. Crowned with the title of Master Blaster, he is, arguably, the best batsman to have ever walked the cricket field. The GOD OF CRICKET, as they say, is known for various feats in the cricketing arena.

With centuries in all test playing nations, and against all test playing nations, he has dominated every bowling lineup that existed during his reign. He has so many records to his name, that people might actually have a debate on which achievement of his has been the greatest.

While some talk about his 34,357 odd runs, some may say that 100 Centuries is a greater feat. For some, the ‘Desert Storm’ has become a lifetime memory, while for some, the first 200 ever scored in ODIs has become his greatest innings of all-time.

And who can forget that 175 where he single-handedly chased down Australia’s 350? And what about the glorious 98 in the 2003 World Cup against the arch rivals - Pakistan? Talking about tests, his unbeaten 241 against Australia in Sydney may go down as one of the best test innings by the Master.

His unbeaten 103 against England at Chennai while chasing a record 387 will go down in the history books as one of the best feats in the 4th innings of a match. Some say. his glorifying straight drive, backfoot punch through the covers, the square drive, and the best one – the upper cut; the way he deals with the deadly deliveries is what separates him from most other batsmen of the world. 

Some cricket fans, though, are of the opinion that the way he dominated the best bowling lineups of his times has what set him apart. A number of generations of deadly bowlers have put up a challenge to the batsmen around the world during Sachin's illustrious career.

When the young 16-year-old kid first began his journey, his debut match itself was against a spine breaking Pakistani bowling attack. West Indies still had a quality bowling lineup back then. Soon after, the Aussies took over, while the South African bowling lineup was no less than a threat.

Not only did he comfortably manage to perish them all, he also earned respect of almost all great bowlers he has played against. In fact, he has recorded his best stats against the best team of his time: Australia.

Well, everyone has their own reason to love the Master, so do I. 

What Makes Sachin The Best: My Reason

Cricket is not a game of numbers alone, they said. Very well said. Statistically, no one can deny the greatnest of the man, but there are reasons off the field which make him even better!

Survival of the fittest, is a term that was first coined by the great Sir Charles Darwin. Sachin Tendulkar proves it. 

Playing across 24 years, Sachin’s body has faced the dark side of being a professional athlete - broken toes, broken fingers, hamstring pulls, back spasm, and what not. And then, he faced the worse: The Tennis Elbow. The year was 2005. After undorgoing surgery, definitely things weren’t easy for him. The Sachin we all knew was gone.

It took four-and-a half months to recover after the surgery on my tennis elbow. The doctor asked if I would be able to play competitive cricket at all. It took four-and-a half months to recover after the surgery on my tennis elbow. The doctor asked if I would be able to play competitive cricket at all. I could not even lift my son Arjun's plastic bat. Kids aged 10-12 years had come to the ground for fielding the day I went to bat for the first time against a season (leather) ball. I hit the balls hard but the kids were able to stop them within 10-15 yards. I thought 'I can not play anymore.

- Sachin Tendulkar on his Tennis Elbow Injury.

When the entire world ruled out the possibility of Sachin playing cricket the same way he used to, the Master came back stronger. It is often said that how you come back after a fall defines your character. Sachin’s character definitely can be defined the way he came back from the greatest debacle in his career.

A new Sachin Tendulkar was born soon after the surgery. Definitely, he had his worst test run soon after the injury: When he failed to score a century for 17 consecutive innings. But he also had his best run ever soon after.

Not only did he completely change his game, he adapted to the fact that he could no longer smack the ball away the way he used to, and yet, he did manage to improve his strike rate and stroke play. A series of records followed the Master after 2005. Every time people ruled him out, he came back, stronger, better.

What makes Sachin the best? For me, the way he has evolved himself throughout the 24 years he spent on those 22 yards make him the greatest. It is not easy to become better when you are already the best. But, he did it.

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