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Why we should stop criticising the Indian cricket team so much

2.35K   //    28 Jan 2015, 03:44 IST
Indian ODI cricket team huddle

Indian cricket team has been in the spotlight for the past few days because of its bad performance overseas. Yes, they have not peformed as well as they should have but there are some points which i would like to highlight, which show that there has been a lot of unwarranted criticism directed at an unfortunate unit. 

All teams have performed badly in overseas conditions in recent times. One exception is Australia who won against South Africa in early 2014. But even they were whitewashed by India in 2013.

Not enough home Tests as other teams get. This too is a problem. The last Test series India played at home was in 2013 against West Indies. Most big guns like Australia, England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka have got enough home games in 2014 .

It is natural that a team playing back to back away series’ in overseas conditions (In South Africa, New Zealand, England and Australia) will have it difficult, and that is what has happened to India . This is the reason for their decline in Test rankings. Other teams have been able to maintain their place in the rankings because of home Tests.

Stop criticising wins at home. Fans start mocking the team whenever they win a game in any format if it happens to be in the subcontinent. This must stop. When Australia win a home series they are considered a world class team. But when India does the same they are considered to be ‘flat track bullies’. This is not acceptable. Winning, wherever it is, has to be a good thing. When other teams are appreciated while winning at home, India should not be an exception.

India in one day internationals. India is definitely a great team in ODIs, losing a few matches won’t make them a bad team. Even in overseas conditions their recent record is good. So they are definitely great contenders for the World Cup. As Indian fans, we can only hope for them to do in Tests as well as they do in ODIs soon.