10 best simulation games of 2022

The best simulation games of 2022 (Images via Gran Turismo, Xbox and Epic Games)
The best simulation games of 2022 (Images via Gran Turismo, Xbox and Epic Games)

In recent years, simulation games have begun to pick up in popularity, with game developers introducing some highly-immersive titles. For the unfamiliar, simulation games are video games wherein players attempt to simulate a real-world situation or environment. The player controls the character and interacts with the environment to complete certain tasks and objectives, usually while following a storyline.

Such games also involve strategy, problem-solving, and resource management.

Simulation games can also be educational as they allow players to experience different situations and scenarios without suffering real-world consequences. They are used to demonstrate the effects of certain decisions and actions and to test hypotheses and theories. The military sometimes incorporates these games as part of their training to give personnel an idea about various equipment and systems.

This year, several titles were released across different genres. This article lists the ten best simulation games released in 2022.

A look at ten of the best simulation games of 2022

1) Stray


Stray is a third-person cat simulator game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The adventure game is set in a cybercity with the objective of getting out of it. The cat comes across dangerous creatures during its journey and is accompanied by a B-12 drone.

Players will need to find a way out of the city while solving puzzles and uncovering the land's mysteries. Optionally, players can learn about the back story of the B-12.

2) PC Building Simulator 2


PC Building Simulator 2 is a sequel to the popular computer building simulator game, PC Building Simulator. The game involves owning a workshop, building, upgrading, and maintaining computers.

The second installment has new features, applications, and customizable RGB. The game is realistic and includes two game modes – Career Mode, and Free Build mode.

3) Goat Simulator 3


Goat Simulator 3 is the latest game by Coffee Stain Studios and the second title in the Goat Simulator series. The sandbox game involves wreaking havoc by headbutting and destroying objects to annoy NPCs.

It can also be played locally or in an online co-op with up to three friends to cause even more trouble or compete in mini-games.

4) Way of the Hunter


Way of the Hunter is a realistic hunting simulator game by Nine Rock Games and THQ Nordic and features two open-world maps for hunting.

It has an ever-changing environment and 27 different separate species to hunt across the maps. Many guns, binoculars, and callers are available to equip before hunting. There are also options to analyze the environment and animals while going out on those hunts.

5) Not for Broadcast


Not For Broadcast is an indie propaganda simulation media channel controlling game developed by NotGames. The player is an employee of the channel, Nightly News, and can decide what news should be shared with the public, and what shouldn't.

A player's task is to censor any offensive language, images, and videos as well as select three advertisements that need to be played between broadcasts. Gameplay is rapid and quick decision-making is key to succeeding.

6) Football Manager 2023


Football Manager 2023 is the newest installment in the long-running Football Manager franchise. It is perhaps one of the most realistic and interactive football management simulation games at present.

The game has seen improvements from the 2022 version and now features an improved 3D match engine to simulate matches more realistically. It also features a new AI system that allows players and managers to behave more realistically and plan team squads accordingly.

7) Gran Turismo 7


Gran Turismo 7 is the latest title in the popular racing series by Polyphony Digital and is a PlayStation exclusive. Realistic visuals and races help in providing players with an immersive experience.

The circuit racing game features several game modes and includes over 400 different cars to race with across 35 different tracks.

8) Food Truck Simulator


Food Truck Simulator is a cooking and truck-driving simulation game that has impressive graphics and decent driving mechanics. Here, players need to fulfill customers' orders and manage the food inventory.

The game's unique storyline is something that most simulator games lack, making it one of the better titles out there.

9) FIFA 23


FIFA 23 is the latest offering from the FIFA franchise and is the last game to be developed and published by EA Sports. The game uses the famous Frostbite engine that aids in an improved physics system, character models, animations, and visuals.

The game features the much-improved HyperMotion 2 for realistic player movements and behavior. A redesigned online Division Rivals ranking system has also been added.

10) F1 Manager 2022


F1 Manager 2022 is the latest installment in the critically acclaimed Formula 1 Manager series. With the newest version of the game, players can experience a more realistic, immersive, and detailed F1 experience.

In the game, players take on the role of a team manager and will need to make important decisions for the team’s success such as managing the budget, hiring drivers, and developing new strategies, along with other responsibilities. With the new Career Mode, players can work to take their team to the top of the championship and win the coveted trophy.

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