10 MMORPGs that provide the best solo experience

10 MMORPG that provides the best solo experience (Image via Smilegate Games)
10 MMORPGs that provide the best solo experience (Image via Smilegate Games)

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPG for short, are games wherein a large number of players compete and engage in a game at the same time. The RPG aspect involves deep character customization and role-playing. When a game offers all or most of these features, it is considered an MMORPG.

Such games are designed to be played by a large group of individuals, although there is often a sub-group of players that prefer playing these games solo.

Can players play MMORPG solo?

While the reasons for playing solo can vary for each player, games in the MMORPG category try to accommodate them. Developers create solo dungeons, quests, and other content for such players. They also add features like auto-matchmaking and AI companions for players who try to get into party-based content alone. Here are ten games that do this the best:

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic


This gem of an MMORPG has all the right features to please Star Wars fans, but what makes it a great solo experience is its storyline. The game has eight classes in total, with each having its own story and multiple endings which can be completed solo.

The story has been well-reviewed by many players and critics alike, and Star Wars fans should give the game a shot. Once done with the story, players can also take part in other in-game content.

2. Lost Ark


Lost Ark is a Korean MMORPG that has an isometric top-down view. It is an excellent role-playing game that lets players compete solo or through matchmaking. The title also features exciting combat sequences along with many cosmetics and gameplay customizations.

The game, however, is pay-to-win and many whales can be seen flexing character power as they pay for it. This does, at times, make player versus player (PvP) unfair.

3. Path of Exile


Path of Exile is another isometric top-down Diablo-like game and is arguably the best MMORPG at present. It has a decent 15-20 hour storyline that veterans will claim is only a tutorial and they would be right.

The game features several complex endgame systems and mechanics that all work in tandem to create a long journey for character power, all of which can be done solo. The game also boasts some of the deepest and most complex character customizations.

4. Runescape


No discussion of MMORPG can take place without mentioning Runescape. It is a classic game that is still largely popular among fans. Solo players will enjoy the long story-based quest, grind through the game, or simply explore the world.

Runescape is also not too demanding in terms of specs and can run on many older PCs and smartphones.

5. World of Warcraft


Another classic in the genre, World of Warcraft still provides an amazing amount of content that can be played solo or with friends. The game features thrilling story quests and many of the older raids and dungeons. While many players complain of its current content being lackluster, the game still holds up pretty well.

6. Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is another MMORPG offering a story experience that is great for solo play. After getting gliders and mounts, exploration becomes an integral and enjoyable part of the solo experience. The game has been known to offer some of the best mounts in the MMORPG genre. It also features global events for players to participate in.

7. Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)


ESO is more than just a Skyrim clone, as many might think. Players are free to engage in a variety of content such as trials, dungeons, delves, and quests. Story quests are known to have a strong presence in the game, all of which can be tackled alone. Players can also begin their quests in any section of the game they prefer as the quests are disjointed from the rest.

8. Warframe


“Ninjas in space'' is the best way to describe Warframe, but it still hasn't even begun to scratch the surface. It has one of the most unique visual themes of any game, which is evident with the character and Warframe designs.

The game has an intriguing storyline with deep lore and many hours of content, loot, gear, and Warframes. While it is a co-op-friendly game, it can still be played alone.

9. Black Desert Online


This Korean MMORPG is known for its beautiful graphics, amazing open world, and solid combat system with deep mechanics. This game is perfect for players interested in working hard to perfect their characters, slaying monsters, setting up crafting workshops, and fishing, all of which can be performed solo or with friends.

Once players reach level 50 they will be forced into PvP and other players can kill them when out in the world, although there is no penalty for dying.

10. Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV is arguably the most popular MMORPG because it prioritizes the story over everything else, which ends up providing a truly enriching player journey. In-game characters can also be customized with cosmetics which adds to the game's appeal.

The game does have multiplayer-based content, but players can play the game on their own, requiring little to no interaction with other human beings.

MMORPGs are often a preferred choice for many gamers who don't have the time or friends to compete with. Fortunately, some developers have designed their games to accommodate solo campaigns for the lone wolves out there.

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