2 ways to get Primogems from teapot realm in Genshin Impact

The Serenitea Pot hides some Primogems (Image via Genshin Impact)
The Serenitea Pot hides some Primogems (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact players may be overlooking several easy ways to gather Primogems through the Serenitea Pot. They typically use this teapot to create their perfect homes or farm Companionship EXP with their favorite characters.

However, the teapot is seemingly hiding some very easy Primogems behind only pretty straightforward challenges.

Gamers can use these rewards for rare characters like Yelan or even save them up for future updates. With how quickly fans can gather them, they'll want to make sure they get them all.

Users can find out how to get these hidden rewards below.

Genshin Impact: Two modes to get Primogems from Serenitea Pot

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The Serenitea Pot is one of Genshin Impact's most unique features, as it provides players with their very own place to tweak and build. This area is free for customization, and fans can even station their favorite characters in the teapot to visit and bring them gifts.

Gamers can fill the teapot with fish they've caught, create music, and even grow plants and vegetables. On top of all of this, they can gather tons of Primogems they may have missed with these two methods.

Teapot set gifts


This feature was added to the game quite a long time ago, but many users may have missed out on its addition. It allows them to take advantage of the Serenitea Pot's furnishing set feature to gain lots of Primogems from each of their favorite characters.

When selecting a furnishing set, fans can see a list of characters that prefer the furniture and decor.

Travellers… these furniture set in Serenitea Pot could give you up to 80 primogems if you ‘invite’ selected companion to enjoy the scene. Each companion give 20 primos.Every set counts.I hope this information is useful.

Once they find a set that matches one of their characters, players will want to build the set and place the character nearby. After this, they can run up to the character and speak to them to be rewarded with 20 Primogems.

Considering that these sets apply to multiple characters and many of them overlap, fans may be missing out on hundreds of Primogems in their Serenitea Pot that they can easily collect.


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The Serenitea Pot has three whole sets of achievements that all offer a ton of Primogems once completed. Almost all of these achievements take time to complete, and fans can set them and forget about them until they are done.

If users fully complete all of the achievements on each page, they can gather up to 450+ Primogems, a considerable amount for such a simple task. It can take quite a while to finish them all, though, as many are time-gated.

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Still, gamers will want to make sure they are making progress towards completing these achievements, as the extra Primogems that come for free won't hurt. They are mostly all tied to farming-related achievements, so chopping some wood while exploring or planting some additional plants whenever the chance arises can allow for easy headway.

Genshin Impact's Serenitea Pot can provide a ton of Primogems as long as players are looking in the right place.

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