Genshin Impact data shows the most popular teams used in 2.7 Spiral Abyss

Yelan features prominently in this Abyss (Image via Genshin Impact)
Yelan features prominently in this Abyss (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 2.7's Spiral Abyss looks to have shaken up the meta quite a bit, with several team compositions rising to the top. Gamers planning on taking on the Spiral Abyss will want to be ready to utilize these new teams. Players may be surprised to see teams like the full Geo team and new compositions with Yelan featuring at the highest level of play.

Thanks to data collected on the Spiral Abyss, players can see some of the teams that have made the most impact here.

Most used teams in the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact 2.7

Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss remains some of the game's hardest content, but it also carries the best rewards. Players who plan to get the most out of the game's challenging dungeon will need to bring their strongest teams to contend with its powerful foes. Luckily, they can take advantage of community aggregated data that shows the most popular teams being used in each Abyss rotation.

According to the data collected, the game's newest character, Yelan, has been making a huge impact on Abyss teams. With her insane Hydro application, ease of use, and strong damage output, it's unsurprising that many players are taking advantage of her during this Spiral Abyss. Here are some of the top-performing teams during the update.

Mono Geo team

The Mono Geo team is a very strong choice, especially thanks to the boost to Claymore damage in this Abyss. Players will need quite a few 5-star characters to make the most out of this team composition though, as the best version of the party contains Arataki Itto, Zhongli, Albedo, and Gorou.

Players can substitute Itto with Noelle (if they have her at C6), but with Itto returning during the next banner, it shouldn't be too hard to get the Oni King himself.

Raiden National with Yelan

Yelan can take Xingqiu's place in the Raiden National team to great effect. Thanks to her buffs and her insane Hydro application, Yelan can allow the team to dish out tons of reactions like Vaporize and Electrocharged with ease. She is an easy choice for players who are looking to boost their National team even more.

This team looks to remain one of the strongest in the game for the time being. Fans without Yelan can still resort to utilizing Xingqiu, as the National team is still a great choice in the Abyss.

Yelan and Yoimiya


Yelan and Yoimiya compliment each other surprisingly well, and according to Spiral Abyss data, they look to be dominating the challenging gauntlet with ease. This team composition consists of Yelan, Yoimiya, Yun Jin, and Bennett. The powerful buffs from Yun Jin and Bennett can boost Yoimiya's damage by a ton, while the Vaporize procs provided by Yelan allow the two to shred through the strongest enemies with ease.

These team compositions have proven to be incredibly strong in the Spiral Abyss, and players will want to take advantage of them to get some easy Primogems during Genshin Impact 2.7.

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