Is Recurve bow (3-star) good for Yelan in Genshin Impact?

Yelan has some incredible 3-star options (Image via Genshin Impact)
Yelan has some incredible 3-star options (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's newest 5-star character Yelan has a ton of options when it comes to weapons thanks to her unique scaling. Players can pick from many of the game's best bows when building her, allowing her to dish out tons of Hydro damage. However, they may be surprised that several of the game's 4-star bows are outclassed by two humble 3-star options.

The Recurve Bow and the Slingshot both perform incredibly well on Yelan and can grant her tons of damage and utility. Fans can find out more about these 3-star weapons here.

Is Genshin Impact's Recurve Bow good on Yelan?


Genshin Impact has finally released Yelan, and players are starting to test her and her unique kit out in the game. Thanks to her unique Max HP scaling, many fans are discovering that Yelan can perform incredibly well with some very unexpected weapons. Bows like the Recurve Bow and Slingshot both provide admirable damage on her, allowing most F2P players to use her with ease.

I love it, in case you're wondering what weapon I used, it is Recurve Bow (3star bow)#GenshinImpact #Yelan

The Recurve Bow is a 3-star bow that is obtainable from Chests across the game's massive open world, and if players have been exploring Mondstadt well, they're certain to have quite a few of these bows. It can also be acquired from an NPC in Inazuma named Nakano or a World quest named Going Upon the Breeze Archon.


Fans will only need one of these 3-star weapons to make the most of its value though, as its Refinement passive is pretty sub-par, providing a small amount of healing upon kill. The main value of this weapon lies in its Ascension Stat.


The Recurve Bow provides Yelan with 46.9% additional HP at level 90, which is an insane amount of extra HP from just a 3-star weapon. This can significantly boost her damage, allowing her to dish out huge amounts of Hydro to her enemies with low investment. Players who are looking to build Yelan for cheap will definitely want to consider this powerful bow.

Another powerful 3-star bow

Decided not to pull for Aqua weapon and wait for cracked TP bow instead. Don’t worry Yelan, you’re doing amazing even with that slingshot

In case players have accidentally used up all of their Recurve Bows, they can also equip Yelan with the Slingshot to great effect. This bow is particularly powerful when utilizing Yelan's Breakthrough Barb Charged Attack up close. At Refinement 5, this weapon provides a 60% DMG increase to Normal and Charged Attacks as long as they hit within 0.3 seconds of being fired, which can lead to some huge damage numbers.

yelan stats with a lv90 r5 slingshot

The Slingshot also provides 31% Crit Rate at level 90, which is a pretty significant boost to her Crit Chance, allowing her to deal larger bursts of damage more often. Fans who don't have powerful 4-star weapons won't have to worry when they build Yelan, as she can take advantage of even the game's weakest weapons to great effect in battle.

Genshin Impact's newest 5-star character Yelan has some incredible options when it comes to building her, and fans won't need to worry about rarities.

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