3 streamers like Dream who should do face reveals, including Corpse Husband and more

Now that Dream is no longer faceless, some are wondering who will be the next big streamer to do a face reveal (Images via Twitter)
Now that Dream is no longer faceless, some are wondering who will be the next big streamer to do a face reveal (Images via Twitter)

Popular Minecraft YouTuber and streamer Clay "Dream" revealed his face for the first time in his career. There was an enormous amount of hype leading up to the reveal, including multiple tweets from Dream teasing the event, and content creators recording their reactions to his face.

The massive reveal video was watched live by over 1 million viewers and has now garnered over 22 million views on YouTube. With Dream no longer faceless, many are wondering who'll do the next big face reveal.

In this list, we look at a few streamers who could unravel their appearances.

Streamers that should follow Dream's lead and do face reveals

1) Corpse Husband


Streamer and rapper Corpse Husband is known for his unique voice and faceless persona. Rising to fame through his music and Among Us streams alongside Sykkuno and Valkyrae, Corpse is yet to reveal his face to fans. There have been a few purported leaks about his countenance, but none have been confirmed as legitimate.

While many fans would definitely be interested to see what their favorite streamer and musician looks like behind his avatar, Corpse has given no indication of doing a face reveal. In fact, the streamer has insisted on keeping his face hidden. However, he admitted it was practically impossible for him to conceal his appearance forever.

Corpse Husband has revealed his face to a few friends and content creators, with some giving viewers an idea of what the rapper looks like. Smosh co-founder Anthony Padilla interviewed Corpse in-person, digitally covering his face in post-production. He stated that the streamer looks similar to his online avatar.

2) Ironmouse


One of the most popular VTubers out there, Ironmouse is yet to reveal her face to fans. However, she has said that a friend has been urging her to do it. During a stream, a viewer asked Ironmouse if she would ever reveal her face. She responded by saying that streamer Connor "CDawgVA" has repeatedly encouraged her to do a face reveal.

While the streamer has claimed to have thought about it and is open to the idea, she doesn't feel ready to do a face reveal:

"He keeps telling me that I should, but I'm just not ready. I'm not ready and I don't think I'll ever be ready. I just don't feel comfortable."

She has expressed her desire to keep her personal life private and completely separate from her online persona.

While many fans are certainly curious about Ironmouse's appearance behind the avatar, multiple others have accepted and supported her decision not to.

3) Memeulous


George "Memeulous" is a YouTuber from the United Kingdom who uploads comedic and commentary videos on his channel. Unlike some creators on this list, Memeulous hasn't entirely shied away from appearing on camera. However, he is known for using a bandana and sunglasses to cover his face.

Popular among the UK streaming contingent, he lives with fellow YouTuber ImAllex. However, even the latter has only seen photos of Memeulous as a child. Although he seems to have no intention of doing a full face reveal, he's played around with the idea.

In 2020, he took off his sunglasses to reveal his eyes for the first time to viewers. Following the eye reveal, Memeulous trended on Twitter in the United Kingdom.

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