How to get 3000 Crystals with the BTS Riddle Code in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The BTS Collab is now live (Image via CRKingdom/Twitter)
The BTS Collab is now live (Image via CRKingdom/Twitter)

The closely followed BTS Riddle contest is finally over, with Cookie Run: Kingdom players having cracked the code shortly after receiving the final clue. Since this is a special in-game code, players will have to redeem it via the Events tab and not via the official Devsisters website, as is the norm for CRK redeem codes.

Read on to find out how to redeem this unique code properly and access your free benefits, and for details on further rewards that are in store via this riddle contest.

BTS x Cookie Run: Kingdom Riddle Contest code: All you need to know


Initial speculations were proved wrong when the code broke the 16 character limit, rendering earlier guesses inaccurate by default. The exact text of the code can be copied from below, along with a look at the rewards on offer:


A set of emoji riddles were released every day on the official Cookie Run: Kingdom Twitter handle, which, when deciphered, were locations of places special to K-Pop group BTS. Fans then traveled to these locations to find hints, with each hint providing a different letter(s).

This collective effort from the Cookie Run: Kingdom community was encouraged as part of the new Braver Together theme of the collaboration between CRK and BTS.

To avail the code, follow the short procedure outlined below:

  • Go to the Events tab on the left and select the Riddle Kingdom section
  • Click on the empty text box in the middle and paste the code that can be copied from above
  • After successfully redeeming the code, the listed rewards will be credited to your account instantly

The developers have also listed several additional rewards within this riddle contest, which will become available only after a certain number of Cookie Run: Kingdom players input the correct code. The extra rewards and the number of players required are:

  • 1,000,000 Players: 1000 Gems and 1000 Army Bombs
  • 2,000,000 Players: 2000 Gems and 1000 Army Bombs
  • 3,000,000 Players: 3000 Gems, 3000 Army Bombs, and a BTS Soulstone Choice Set

Nearly 400,000 players have correctly guessed the riddle at the time of writing, and this contest will continue for the entire event period, i.e., till January 20, 2022.


The event rewards, listed as part of the original announcement for this contest, include a Limited Edition #BTSINCRK Artbook, which readers can now enter a raffle for via the same Riddle Kingdom section in their Cookie Run: Kingdom Events tab.

To successfully be in contention for this reward, players will have to enter their contact and shipping details by December 31, 2022 (23:59:59, GMT+9).

The Cookie versions of all seven BTS members are up for grabs via a special Gacha where players must use 500 Army Bombs for every draw.

All Cookies possess identical abilities and also have "SafeGuarded" status, akin to Candy Diver from the last Cookie Run: Kingdom update, and provide a set of buffs, an HP shield, and periodic healing as well.

These Cookies will continue to be playable even after the event has concluded, similar to Sonic and Tails Cookie, so players can go ahead and invest in them if they deem it fit.

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