5 most anticipated Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru

List of most anticipated Sumeru characters (Image via Genshin Impact)
List of most anticipated Sumeru characters (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's current patch 3.0 update has dropped the Phase II character event banners. The Sumeru patch will be long enough to introduce multiple new figures from Sumeru.

Previous leaks have already confirmed the debut of around 15 new Sumeru characters, with three of them already being introduced in the current patch. The remaining ones are yet to arrive, but some have already made an appearance in Sumeru's official videos.

The following article will cover the five most anticipated Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru that players are excitedly waiting for.

Note: The list has no particular order.

Players are anticipating these five Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru

5) Nilou

The dance of the lotus blooms, awakening from an ethereal dream.◆ Nilou◆ Dance of Lotuslight◆ Star of Zubayr Theater◆ Hydro◆ Lotos Somno#GenshinImpact #Nilou

In a city of knowledge, Nilou belongs to the few who chose to follow her passion for arts and dance. Also known as the Star of Zubayr, she is famous for her elegant dance moves in Genshin Impact.

Nilou will be a 5-star character with Hydro vision and mastery over Sword weapons. She will debut alongside her signature weapon called Key of Khaj-Nisut. There is no doubt that Nilou will make a significant difference in the meta and will be a great addition to Dendro's reaction teams.

4) Cyno

The law is just, and there is no escape for the guilty.◆ Cyno◆ Judicator of Secrets◆ General Mahamatra◆ Electro◆ Lupus Aureus#GenshinImpact #Cyno

Cyno is an upcoming 5-star character that will debut in the patch 3.1 update. He is confirmed to be an Electro Polearm user who has a second form during their Elemental Burst.

Cyno is the first character from Sumeru who was originally teased to the Genshin Impact community during their official video "Tevyat Chapter Storyline Preview" uploaded on September 27, 2020. He also made an early appearance in the official manga, where he came to Mondstadt at Lisa's request to help Collei.

3) Kusanali/ Nahida

Element: DendroWeapon: CatalystRarity: 5 starPatch: expected 3.2 #kusanali #sumeru #genshinleaks

Players will meet the current Dendro Archon Kusanali, also called Nahida, during the current Archon Quest. Being 500 years old, she is the youngest Archon present in all of Tevyat.

Nahida has already been introduced as an NPC in the current patch and will debut as a playable character in the upcoming patch 3.2 update. Speculations suggest that she (Dendro Archon) will be a 5-star Catalyst user wielding the power of Dendro gnosis/element.

2) Dehya

#DehyaElement: PyroWeapon: ClaymoreRarity: 5 starPatch: Unknown#原神 #Genshin

Dehya has already made a canon appearance in Genshin Impact during the current 3.0 Archon Quest. She is an Eremite who also works as a mercenary and is highly anticipated to become a playable character in future patch updates.

Dehya is speculated to be a 5-star figure with the power of Pyro vision and has a mastery over Claymore weapons. Leaks suggest that she will debut in the upcoming patch 3.5 update. Hence, players have enough time to collect and save Primogems to summon from her rate-up banner.

1) Alhaitham

#Alhaitham Element: DendroWeapon: SwordRarity: 5 starPatch: Unknown#原神 #Genshin

Alhaitham is another character who has appeared during the Archon Quest, but there is no current news about his debut in the recent patch updates. Through these quests, Alhaitham has already gained a considerable amount of fandom in the Genshin Impact community.

He has become the next Husbando figure that players will want to summon with their saved-up Primogems. Alhaitham is speculated to be a 5-star character with the power of Dendro and mastery over Sword weapons.

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