5 best Android games like Call of Duty Mobile

Best Android games like Call of Duty Mobile (Image via Activision)
Best Android games like Call of Duty Mobile (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most renowned gaming titles published by Activision. The game has top-notch graphics and immersive dynamics. Players can rule the battlegrounds with their friends and teammates in different maps and modes.

Gamers can choose between Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes, choose their favorite map and enjoy it with their in-game teammates. In the game, players can also alter and employ various weapons and utilities. There are also various in-game elements, such as operator talents, scorestreaks, battle royale classes, and exclusive weapon blueprints for different game modes.

This article lists the top five best Android games like Call of Duty Mobile for players to check out and play.

Note: The list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's individual opinion.

Five best Android games similar to Call of Duty Mobile

5) Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends Mobile is one of the newest additions to the battle royale genre. The game features cool graphics and fantastic in-game dynamics where players can choose their favorite legends and wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Gamers can choose between FPS and TPS modes and select their favorite weapons from an arsenal of exotic weaponry, equipment, and tactical abilities. The game is compatible with a wide range of devices.

4) Modern Combat 5


Modern Combat 5 is a great choice for players who are looking for a good shooting experience on their Android devices like Call of Duty Mobile. The game is available for free to download on the Google Play Store.

The title features decent graphics and amazing in-game elements. The developers continue to add new maps and modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Push the Payload, Free for all Battle Royale, and Thrilling single-player campaigns. Ranked PvP pub stomps.

3) PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is one of the most well-known Battle Royale games available on mobile. The game has millions of downloads on leading app stores.

The 4K quality graphics and lots of customizations added by the developers make it one of the most obvious BR titles for players to play. Both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile offer lots of options in the maps section where they can choose their desired modes and take on opponents from the servers.

Download it from here.

Note: PUBG Mobile is banned in India as per government guidelines. Indian readers are advised to avoid downloading or playing the game.

2) PUBG New State


PUBG New State features some of the best graphics quality in a mobile gaming title. The title is developed by Krafton, which has also designed other popular gaming titles like PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The game has a similar battle royale concept to that of Call of Duty Mobile, where 100 players land on the island. Gamers have to loot weapons and other times survive till the final zones and take down their rivals to win the match and win astounding rewards.

Download it from here.

1) Free Fire MAX


Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular names in the battle royale genre. The game has amassed a huge number of downloads and has a massive player base enjoying it daily. The title features an intense action-packed survival experience, with 50 players landing on an island to eliminate each other and win the Booyah title.

There are lots of exciting in-game elements in FF MAX similar to Call of Duty Mobile, like a vast range of weapons and utilities like grenades and healing items. Players can also choose from different characters and pets with special abilities which are handy in the battlegrounds against enemies.

Download it from here.

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