5 best bows for Yelan in Genshin Impact

Yelan can use some powerful bows in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)
Yelan can use some powerful bows in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)

Yelan, Genshin Impact's newest 5-star character, can take advantage of some of the game's most powerful bows. Players will want to make sure they equip this archer with the best weaponry to boost her damage output and supporting skills significantly.

Yelan is one of the most unique characters released in the game so far. She provides her team with a ton of value, thanks to her Elemental Burst and huge buffs.

Players won't want to miss out on Yelan, and picking the best bow for her will be an important part of her build.

Genshin Impact: Ranking the top 5 efficient bows for Yelan

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Yelan is a powerful new 5-star Hydro archer who has strong supportive skills and an amazing Elemental Burst. She will be released during the Genshin Impact 2.7 update, and players will want to start preparing for her in advance.

One of the best ways to prepare for a 5-star's release is to build a strong weapon for them to equip. This can boost their damage right out of the gate, and picking the right one is important.

Listed below are five of the best bows you can equip Yelan with.

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5) Favonius Warbow

this is my second time getting favonius warbow from ganyu's banner i'm so done

The Favonius Warbow is a decent weapon for Yelan to wield, as it grants her the ability to proc the Windfall effect. This grants her or her party members some Energy whenever she lands a critical hit.

This is a good 4-star bow for players who don't have much Energy Recharge on their Yelan.

4) Stringless

stringless bow come home💔

The Stringless bow is a powerful 4-star choice for Yelan as it will boost the damage of her Elemental Skill and Burst by a significant amount.

The only downside to this bow is the substat of Elemental Mastery. However, Genshin Impact players with decent stats on their Artifacts will still want to give this bow a try.

3) Fading Twilight

is this good on yelan or is stringless better

The Fading Twilight is a new 4-star bow that looks set to arrive during the 2.7 update as a free event weapon.

This bow will provide Yelan with some extra Energy Recharge from the substrate. It will also grant her a powerful bonus that can increase her damage by up to 28% at Refinement 5.

2) Elegy for the End

⚔️Serene Requiem / Elegy for the End⚔️A weapon said to be given to a bard who walked with the Anemo Archon...

This 5-star bow is specifically made to boost supportive units. It can provide a ton of buffing opportunities to Yelan's team, allowing them to boost her damage even more.

This is especially good for a reaction-based team like Raiden's National team.

1) Aqua Simulacra

Yelan C0R1 Aqua Simulacra Gameplayvia NotALeaksAs always numbers from my spreadsheet quite accurate 😊#原神 #Yelan #GenshinImpact #Genshin #GenshinImpactLeaks #GenshinImpactES #genshinleaks #genshintwt…

Yelan's signature 5-star bow is at the top of the list as it grants her the best stats and effects to boost her damage by an incredible amount.

The Aqua Simulacra works especially well on Yelan as it grants her a boost to damage while she is close to the enemy. This helps both her Elemental Skill and Burst.

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