10 best Genshin Impact characters (4-stars) you must build for endgame and Spiral Abyss

Some of the game's best characters are 4-stars (Image via Genshin Impact)
Some of the game's best characters are 4-stars (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact's massive roster of characters provides players with tons of options to choose from.

Picking the right characters to build can make the game much easier. The endgame and Spiral Abyss, in particular, require fans to choose the best characters for their teams.

Luckily, many of the game's 4-star characters provide powerful bonuses and are incredibly strong in their own right. Players will definitely want to make sure they build their teams with these strong 4-stars.

Genshin Impact: 10 of the best 4-star characters to build


Picking the right team composition in Genshin Impact can be tough, especially in harder content where each character matters immensely.

Thankfully, many of the game's released characters have remained incredibly powerful, and building them can trivialize much of the harder content.

Here's a look at the 10 best 4-star characters to use in the endgame and Spiral Abyss.

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1) Noelle

#Noelle Main DPS Build update for patch v2.3 standards! #WOTGuide #GenshinImapct

Almost every Genshin Impact player has at least one Noelle. Given her popularity on banners, they likely have a few constellations as well.

Noelle is an incredibly useful Geo character, as she can provide damage, shields, and healing all at once.

Fans should especially build her if they have Constellation 6, as she can be an insane Main DPS with this unlocked.

2) Yanfei

my yanfei is not for the faint of heart ❤️maining yanfei since 2021, finally have her (kinda) fully built #genshinimpact #yanfeimains #yanfei #yanfeibuild

Yanfei is a powerful Pyro damage carry who can be flexed into a unique tank healer hybrid build once her Constellation 4 is unlocked.

Yanfei can deal a ton of damage if she is built well. She performs admirably in even high-level content like the Spiral Abyss.

3) Rosaria

Hello Travelers !!!El día de hoy les traigo la build de Burst Support Rosaria !❄❄❄[ENG]Today I bring you the Burst Support Rosaria build!❄❄❄#GenshinGuide #Genshin #rosariabuild #Rosaria #rosaria #rosariaedit

Rosaria is a strong burst support that can provide her team with a ton of extra Cryo damage. She is also a great Cryo applicator for Permafreeze and Superconduct teams.

Rosaria pairs especially well with characters like Eula, as she can shred Physical defense while granting Cryo resonance.

4) Fischl

~ FISCHL ~The sipsipsquad's new one-sheet for the goth princess Fischl!Fischl is an amazing sub-dps especially early on into the game, we highly recommend building her as her off-field damage potential is huge!Join our discord for any questions or help for your teams!

Fischl is an incredibly useful unit that can provide consistent damage and ramps up in value with each constellation.

At lower constellations, Fischl will output a considerable amount of Electro application. At C6, she can provide some of the best Electro damage output in the game, making her worthwhile at any level.

5) Diona

My current Diona build. I'm planning on using her mostly for the shield from Icy Paws. #genshintwt #genshinimpact

Diona's shields and healing are an essential part of the Morgana team composition, which has remained one of the strongest Spiral Abyss teams for many patches.

Players can also use Diona in other teams, like Ayaka's freeze team. She is a powerful all-round support character who is easy to build.

6) Beidou


Beidou is one of Genshin Impact's best Electro supports when it comes to endgame content, thanks to her incredible AOE potential.

Beidou really shines in the Spiral Abyss when there are multiple enemies for her Elemental Burst to chain off of. She can become one of the strongest Electro characters with a proper build.

7) Sucrose


Sucrose is the game's best 4-star Anemo character. She even rivals many of the 5-star Anemo characters, thanks to her insane Elemental Mastery passives.

Sucrose can increase the damage to her allies by a substantial amount and is still featured in many of the strongest teams.

8) Xiangling

#Xiangling has officially returned with #Itto's Banner! #GenshinImpact #WOTGuideIn order to celebrate that, we have updated her "Burst DPS" - build guide!

Few Genshin Impact characters have remained as reliable or as powerful as Xiangling. She has maintained her status as one of the game's strongest characters since her release.

With the right team composition, Xiangling can easily sweep through the Spiral Abyss or endgame events with ease.

9) Xingqiu

Xingqiu Burst DPS Build! #GenshinImpact #WOTGuideXingqiu is an excellent all-around unit: he provides healing, damage reduction, fast hydro aura application, and high damage! ~KQM

Xingqiu is an incredible 4-star character who can provide some of the best off-field applications in the entirety of Genshin Impact's cast, thanks to his insane Elemental Burst.

Players who need Hydro in their teams will definitely want to build Xingqiu, as he brings damage and reliability to any composition.

10) Bennett


Bennett truly brings the best in nearly every category and makes the game much easier. He can dish out a ton of damage, generates an immense amount of Pyro particles for his allies, and has some of the best healing in the game.

On top of all that, Bennett can buff his allies for a huge portion of his Base Attack.

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