Genshin Impact meme showing extreme anticipation of Kazuha Rerun sparks a memefest

Kazuha is one of the most heavily awaited characters (Image via Genshin Impact)
Kazuha is one of the most heavily awaited characters (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact fans are starting to get desperate as they wait for Kazuha's return to the featured banner. Players are turning to creating memes and other anticipation-filled posts as they pass the time waiting for any word on a rerun for this wandering samurai.

While Kazuha was initially overlooked by much of the playerbase, he has become one of the game's most popular characters over time. He has also proven to be one of the strongest supports in the game, leading many to desperately wish for his return.

Genshin Impact fans desperately await Kazuha's return

Kazuha is one of Genshin Impact's fan favorite characters, and many have been long awaiting his return ever since his initial appearance last summer. Kazuha hasn't been available since the 1.6 update, where he was the game's introduction to the region of Inazuma.

He was initially portrayed as an aloof wandering samurai with a skill for poetry, but as the story has progressed, players have learned a lot about his backstory.

xiao getting a rerun before kazuha felt like:

Many players are now patiently waiting for his return to the featured banner, as he has become loved by the community both for his design, and for his incredible utility.

Kazuha has remained at the top of the Spiral Abyss charts since his release, thanks to his insane buffing potential, and he is very useful during exploration as well.

If Scaramouche was a player.....Hope Kazuha has a rerun banner soon#GenshinImpact #ๅŽŸ็ฅž #Scaramouche #Kazuha #scarakazu

Unfortunately, there hasn't been any information on a possible Kazuha rerun, and leaks are yet to reveal any of his future appearances. He made a huge splash during the Irodori festival as he was revealed to be part of one of Inazuma's biggest secrets, but he wasn't featured in a rerun during the update.

society if hoyoverse finally gave Kazuha a rerun

Kazuha fans across the community have been waiting for a very long time for him to receive a rerun, and it seems that with each update without new information, the anticipation only grows stronger.

Characters like Xiao have received two reruns in only a few patches, while Inazuman natives like the Raiden Shogun and Ayaka Kamisato have also appeared again before Kazuha.

day 285: another day, no kazuha the artist and his art <3#kazuha #kazuharerunwhen #genshinimapct

There are even dedicated accounts that count each day that has passed since Kazuha's initial run, and almost an entire year has gone by since Kazuha's initial debut. Kazuha's eventual rerun may be one of the biggest banners in Genshin's history, based on how much the community seems to want him to return.

With the game's summer event due to rerun in just a few months, players may want to keep a close eye on their Primogems just in case Kazuha finally makes his return during the event. It may have taken a full year, but Kazuha should be appearing sometime soon.

Genshin Impact fans really want Kazuha to return to the game's featured banner, and they may get their wish soon.

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