5 best free games like PUBG Mobile for Android devices in July 2021

Image via GettyWallpapers
Image via GettyWallpapers

PUBG Mobile is indubitably at the apex of battle-royale mobile games. The ultimate objective of players is to be the last person/group standing.

The Google Play Store has a vast collection of mobile games that can be downloaded for free. Players can take a look at the options listed below.

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Free Android games like PUBG Mobile

These are five of the best Android games similar to PUBG Mobile, available for free:

1. Garena Free Fire – Rampage


Free Fire is the closest competitor to PUBG Mobile. Players can enjoy intense Battle Royale matches and exciting Clash Squad battles.

Free Fire has 40 characters that players can choose from. Each of these characters (except for the default ones) have special powers that can be put to use in matches.

2. Call of Duty®: Mobile - Season 5: In Deep Water


Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best mobile games in terms of graphics and gameplay. The game has two main modes – Battle Royale and Multiplayer.

The matches in the Battle Royale mode are quite like PUBG Mobile matches where 100 players land in a hostile land to fight for their survival. Players can download it by clicking here.

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3. ScarFall – The Royale Combat


This battle royale game is gradually becoming popular in the mobile gaming world. The gameplay is exactly similar to that of PUBG Mobile.

The title has a good collection of weapons and vehicles. Mobile gamers can also enjoy it offline by clicking on this link to download.

4. Badlanders


Badlanders is another great alternative to PUBG Mobile. The game has over a million downloads and was last updated on June 22nd 2021.

A total of 25 badlanders enter the battlefield with the sole objective of survival. Players can build their own arsenal of weapons with the help of chests strewn around the map.

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5. Cover Fire – Offline Shooting Games


Players who are fond of sniping in PUBG Mobile will have a great time enjoying Cover Fire as the game also hosts Online Sniper Tournaments.

The story mode of this game is divided into 12 chapters and mobile gamers can enjoy it offline. To download, players can click here.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are a plethora of games available on the market, it is an individual's choice to play one or the other according to his/her preference.

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