5 best Genshin Impact characters to build for Ayaka team comps (May 2022)

Ayaka is an amazing 5-star character (Image via Genshin Impact)
Ayaka is an amazing 5-star character (Image via Genshin Impact)

Ayaka Kamisato is one of Genshin Impact's strongest 5-star characters. With the right teammates, she can carry a player through some of the hardest content.

Players will want to make sure that they pair Ayaka with incredible supports to allow her to maximize damage and provide her with tons of utility.

When Ayaka has the right allies alongside her, she can shred through the toughest enemies with her consistent Cryo damage.

Genshin Impact: 5 of Ayaka's best teammates


Ayaka is an incredible 5-star Cryo Main DPS. With this being the case, she will want allies that can boost her Cryo DMG output and provide her with huge buffs to her damage.

Most Ayaka teams rely on the Freeze reaction, allowing her to boost her Crit Rate and attack enemies without fear of taking damage.

Players will want to build characters that can most effectively boost this playstyle to get the most out of their Ayaka.

Listed below are some of Ayaka's best teammates in Genshin Impact.

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1) Kokomi

Kokomi is a great choice to pair with Ayaka, especially in a Freeze team. She can provide a ton of Hydro uptime while being off-field, thanks to her Bake-Kurage jellyfish.

This will also provide healing, so players won't need to play as cautiously, which can be especially helpful in the Spiral Abyss.

2) Kazuha

Kazuha is an incredible support to pair with Ayaka. He can provide insane buffs to any Element, thanks to his Passive and the Viridescent Venerer set.

This can increase Ayaka's Cryo damage by a huge degree, allowing her to cut down her foes with ease. Kazuha also has great crowd control, so he can take down enemies much faster. This makes him an all-around great addition to any team.

3) Mona

Mona is an incredible Hydro applicator for Ayaka. Her Elemental Burst can boost the damage of Ayaka's Burst by an insane amount.

Thanks to the Freeze effect, enemies will be held in place as Ayaka's burst shreds through their HP. This will allow her to defeat large enemies in an instant.

4) Diona

Diona is a great teammate for Ayaka and is one of the cheapest ones to build, as she really only needs HP and Energy Recharge.

She can provide her team with shields and healing while also granting Ayaka a massive amount of Energy, thanks to her Elemental Skill.

Diona is an amazing budget teammate for any Ayaka team.

5) Shenhe

Thanks to Shenhe's insane Cryo-buffing potential, she is one of the best characters to pair up with Ayaka.

Any player who owns Shenhe will want to make sure they pair her with Ayaka, as she can increase her damage by a substantial amount.

These two characters benefit from each other in a remarkable way, and they should always be paired in a Genshin Impact team.

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