5 best Genshin Impact enemies for damage showcases

Raiden can be a great way to show off damage numbers
Raiden can be a great way to show off damage numbers (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact offers players the opportunity to hit some astronomically high damage numbers with the right combination of characters and abilities. If gamers get everything right, they can inflict damage in the millions, especially if their characters are particularly powerful.

That said, finding the best target to use as a damage showcase can be tricky, as there are a lot of things that go into choosing the perfect foe to deal the final blow to. Luckily, fans have plenty of options to pick from, each with its own pros and cons. Here are five of the best adversaries perfect for a damage showcase in Genshin Impact.

5 best Genshin Impact enemies worth considering for damage showcases


Picking the right enemy comes down to the type of team one's trying to test. Players will want to choose the best adversary for their squad, and they can find a few of the best picks here:

5) Primo Geovishap


The Primo Geovishap is a bit different from most of the enemies on this list, as its damage-showcase potential is less about huge numbers and more about showing off the speed at which a character can deal damage to it.

Thanks to its relatively large health pool and ease of access, the Primo Geovishap is a great enemy to show off a Genshin Impact team's ability to shred a boss in just a few seconds. This foe doesn't really have a phase where it takes increased damage, but the first few seconds of the battle do give gamers enough time to buff up their selected character.

4) Masanori


Masanori lets gamers show off a team's ability to deal consistent and overwhelming damage. Moreover, unlike the Geovishap, Masanori offers players the opportunity to register a huge amount of damage, thanks to his multiple phases. This showcase is also quite easy to access, as the foe can be quickly reset and teleported to.

3) Floor 7 of the Spiral Abyss


Thanks to Floor 7's increase to Crit DMG, many Genshin Impact players use this floor to show off their damage numbers. This can be especially useful for characters like Childe or Hu Tao, who can achieve insane damage numbers through the Vaporize reaction. While this style of damage showcase has become less popular, it is one of the easiest to access and serves its purpose.

2) Primordial Mechanical Array


This boss is totally stationary in its weakened state and can be incredibly easy to damage, courtesy of its reduced resistance. Once fans get the boss into its damaged state, they are free to set up their buffs and unleash their most powerful attack to inflict a huge amount of damage on the foe.

The only downside of the Primordial Mechanical Array is that it can take quite a while to get it into the aforementioned weakened state. However, it is still a great option for a damage showcase due to how easy it is to set up.

1) Raiden Shogun


Raiden Shogun has all of the pros of the Primordial Mechanical Array, as well as a much larger health pool and higher resistance loss in her weakened state. Once players get Raiden in this form, she will take immensely increased damage while remaining stationary for a substantial amount of time, giving fans long enough to set up a massive killing blow.

Genshin Impact players who have the patience to get through Raiden Shogun's first form will definitely want to use her as their damage showcase tool.

Genshin Impact players will have plenty of opportunities to hit some massive damage numbers if they take advantage of these bosses.

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