5 best Mid Icons to use in FIFA 23 (February 2023)

Best Mid Icons in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)
Best Mid Icons in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 features middle versions of the special cards of legendary footballers termed "Mid Icons". Players get a chance to receive these Mid Icon cards through the reward packs or Mid Icon Player Pick SBCs.

The Mid Icon cards have the stats of these iconic footballers in their glory days and have an insane market value in FUT.

Mid Icons are the second-highest rated Icon cards, with slightly fewer stats than their Prime Versions. But even so, their stats shine when compared to cards from other promos and events.

About 100 Mid Icon cards are available in FIFA 23. The ones that are currently available are quite exceptional, though there may be more of them in the future. Fans will be interested to see which Icons are cost-effective.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team's top five Mid Icons

5) Ronaldinho CAM 91


Ronaldinho Gaucho, or simply Ronaldinho, was one of the most skillful players ever to step into the football world. The attacking midfielder, often deployed as a winger, played a pivotal role in Brazil's 2002 World Cup-winning squad.

With five-star skills and 92 dribbling, Ronaldinho's Mid Icon CAM card is one of the most creative assets in FIFA 23. The four-star weak foot is the only main con for this card.

Ronaldinho's Mid Icon card stats read:

  • Overall: 91
  • Pace: 91
  • Shooting: 86
  • Passing: 88
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Defense: 36
  • Physicality:79

Price: 2,470,000 FUT Coins

4) Johan Cruyff CF 91


Regarded as one of the greatest players to grace the beautiful game, Johan Cruyff's 91-rated CF card is one of the best in the game.

He is frequently called the "godfather of modern-day football" due to his coaching style and philosophical approach towards the beautiful game.

At the height of the Netherlands' dominance in football in the 1970s, the former Ballon d'Or winner was a key member of the national squad, and FIFA 23 accurately captured his abilities.

Due to his five-star skills and five-star weak foot, Cruyff poses a grave threat to any defense. The center forward excels at both dribbling and passing, which makes him the game's ultimate playmaker.

Cruyff's Mid Icon card stats read:

  • Overall: 91
  • Pace: 91
  • Shooting: 89
  • Passing: 88
  • Dribbling: 93
  • Defense: 41
  • Physicality:72

Price: 2,470,000 FUT Coins

3) Pele CF 95


There isn't much to say about this individual. Football players like Pele rank among the best ever. He was a prolific goal scorer throughout his career and won three World Cups.

In the world of football, he is a legend and is revered as a God by young players and current all-stars.

Pele, also known as "The King of Football," gets the best overall score of any Mid Icon card in FIFA 23. Even without adding any chemistry types, the 95-rated card has amazing stats, with four crucial traits above 90, including 96 pace.

Although Pele holds a numerical advantage, there are two players who are better Mid Icon options than O Rei due to their superior in-game balance.

Pele's Mid Icon card stats read:

  • Overall: 95
  • Pace: 96
  • Shooting: 93
  • Passing: 90
  • Dribbling: 95
  • Defense: 56
  • Physicality:75

Price: 3,900,000 FUT Coins

2) Ruud Gullit CM 90


Despite only having a 90 rating, Ruud Gullit is unquestionably the second-best Mid Icon in FIFA 23.

The legendary Dutch player, arguably the best midfielder in the game, is a lethal asset for whoever possesses his Mid Icon card.

In FIFA, Gullit has been the most sought-after midfielder/center forward card for many years. This is exactly how EA's Mid Icon card, which has every stat safely beyond the 80-point threshold, represents it.

His unbelievably overpowering card is the reason for coining the phrase "Gullit Gang" in FIFA.

Gullit's Mid Icon card stats read:

  • Overall: 90
  • Pace: 88
  • Shooting: 88
  • Passing: 88
  • Dribbling: 87
  • Defense: 80
  • Physicality: 87

Price: 6,430,000 FUT Coins

1) Ronaldo ST 94


Given that "O Fenômeno" Ronaldo Nazário is the most expensive card in the lineup, it should come as no surprise that he is the most coveted and lethal card among the Mid Icons in FIFA 23.

The Brazilian great, who led the Selecao attack in the 2002 World Cup victory, cemented his reputation as one of the best attackers to ever play the beautiful game.

Since he became an icon in FIFA 18, Ronaldo, popularly known as R9, has historically outperformed all cards in the game.

He is the most broken card in FIFA 23, and his five-star abilities, five-star weak foot, amazing pace, shooting, dribbling, and custom animations all justify his exorbitant price on the FUT transfer market.

Ronaldo's Mid Icon card stats read:

  • Overall: 94
  • Pace: 93
  • Shooting: 93
  • Passing: 80
  • Dribbling: 93
  • Defense: 46
  • Physicality: 80

Price: 6,430,000 FUT Coins

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

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