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5 best non-airdrop weapons in PUBG Mobile (2021)

The PUBG Mobile Runic Power update (PUBG Mobile via Facebook)
The PUBG Mobile Runic Power update (PUBG Mobile via Facebook)
Modified 06 Mar 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the foremost battle royale titles thanks to its special features. The realistic graphics, gameplay, and gun mechanics make the game different from all the other titles in this genre. The variety of guns also makes it more interesting.

The combination of gunfights and survival makes the battle royale genre different from other mobile games.

Best five non-airdrop weapons in PUBG Mobile

Players can equip a gun in a game from houses, buildings, and other structures/sites for combat. The best ones can only be equipped via airdrops.

But it is sometimes tough to find an airdrop or equip a gun from one as enemies, too, keep a close eye for kills on gamers going for such drops.

So, players will need some non-air drop guns for fights as well. With that in mind, here are the top five non-airdrop guns in PUBG Mobile this season.

#1 - Beryl M762

Beryl M762 (Image via Pinterest)
Beryl M762 (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 47


Fire Rate: 0.086s

Damage Per Second: 548

The Beryl M762 is one of the best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile and one of the most dangerous weapons for close-range fights. It has massive base damage, meaning it can do a tremendous amount of damage to enemies.

However, its recoil is on the high side, though players can equip a compensator, along with a vertical grip, to stabilize it while firing.

#2 - AKM


Damage: 49

Rate of Fire: 0.1s

Damage per second: 490

The AKM is one of the most favorite assault rifles for PUBG Mobile gamers and is handy for close combat. With significant damage and a high fire rate, it just needs 4-5 bullets to knock down an enemy.

This gun also has high recoil, just like the Beryl M762, but players can attach a compensator to control the recoil.

#3 - M416

The M416
The M416

Damage: 43

Rate of Fire: 0.086s

Damage per second: 501

The M416 is arguably the best assault rifle PUBG Mobile. The gun uses 5.56 ammunition, and with serious damage and a high fire rate, it is extremely useful for close range.

The recoil of this firearm is comparatively low, so it can be used in medium and long-range fights as well.

#4 - M24

The M24 (Image via Pinterest)
The M24 (Image via Pinterest)

Base Damage: 79

Fire Rate: 1.8

Damage Per Second: 49

Snipers are always useful to win a game, and the M24 is the best non-airdrop sniper in PUBG Mobile. It is also a bolt action gun, and though it can't one-shot a level-three helmet, it still exerts a lot of damage on enemies.

However, the reload speed of this gun is very low. But by attaching the Extended Quickdraw Magazine (for snipers), players can increase its reload speed.

#5 - SLR

The SLR [Image via Reddit]
The SLR [Image via Reddit]

Base Damage: 58

Fire Rate: 0.100s

Damage Per Second: 580

As snipers, some players prefer to use bolt action guns, while others like DMRs. The SLR is a DMR rifle that uses the 7.62 ammunition and is the best DMR in PUBG Mobile.

It can cause a high amount of damage to the opposition. This firearm has comparatively lower recoil as well, so it is easier to control.


There are so many other guns in PUBG Mobile, and players need to choose the weapon they are most comfortable with win a 'Chicken Dinner.'

Note: This list reflects the author's personal views.

Published 06 Mar 2021, 12:17 IST
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