5 best PUBG Mobile gun combinations for TDM mode

Mastering TDM skills using the best gun combination in PUBG Mobile (Image via YouTube: Action Gaming)
Mastering TDM skills using the best gun combination in PUBG Mobile (Image via YouTube: Action Gaming)
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PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile game in the Battle Royale genre. Since the game's initial release three years back, the game has only grown in stature, collecting net revenue of over $5 billion. The game has risen in popularity due to several modes like TDM and Arcade.

Team Death Match (TDM) is a short mode of eight to nine minutes. The mode is popular among PUBG Mobile players who view the mode as practice and a means to spend time waiting for friends to join the lobby.

5 best gun combinations for players to use in PUBG Mobile TDM mode

These are the 5 best gun combinations from TDM mode in PUBG Mobile:

1) M416 and Beryl M762


The gun combination of M416 and M762 is reportedly the most popular in PUBG Mobile TDM mode. Both guns complement each other in several ways.

  • While M416 uses 5.56mm ammo, Beryl M762 uses 7.62 ammo.
  • M416 is used for stability, while Beryl M762 is preferred for its brute power.
  • Beryl M762's 44 base damage becomes deadly in close range, along with M416's laser-like sprays dealt on opponents in mid-range.

2) Micro Uzi and Vector


The gun combination of Micro Uzi and Vector is another deadly combination for playing PUBG Mobile TDM Mode. This submachine gun combination is prevalent among players who prefer taking close-range fights only.

Both SMGs are known in the community for their high firing speed, which surprises the opponents, resulting in their death.

3) Scar L and AKM


Scar L and AKM are a dynamic duo gun combination that comes in handy in PUBG Mobile Team Death Matches. While Scar L is known for its high headshot percentage, AKM is a component of sheer destruction in close combat situations.

Scar L's base damage of 42 coupled with AKM's base damage of 47 makes the combination one of the most used in-game.

4) M416 and M24


PUBG Mobile players must have encountered opponents using the combination of M416 and M24 in TDM mode quite frequently. Despite having base damage of 79, one headshot to a Level 2 helmet is enough to take an opponent down even in TDM mode.

The beastly sniper M24 coupled with the laser-like sprays of M416 help players win matches.

5) M416 and Scorpion


The gun combination of M416 and Scorpion is primarily famous amongst PUBG Mobile Esports players who practice playing with this combination in the Arena Training mode of PUBG Mobile so that they can improve their 1v1 and 1v2 skills considerably.

While the M416 acts as the primary weapon, the Scorpion is only kept to be used as a pistol.

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