5 best table-top RPGs to buy at Steam Sale

The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest 2021 (Image via Steam)
The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest 2021 (Image via Steam)

Table-top RPGs or TRPGs are a specific sub-genre to normal role-playing games involving players verbally describing their characters’ actions. As the name suggests, these are generally played on a table, relying on card gameplay and heavy character progression.

Table-top RPGs have an origin in games simulating warfare and ancient strategy. These games, heavily inspired by Chess and Dungeons and Dragons, involve a lot of elements where the role-play of the characters is essential to the overall gameplay.

Steam is back with another sale this year through its Digital Tabletop Fest RPG Edition, from October 21 to October 25. It will feature hundreds of table-top-inspired titles at good discounts.

Some of the most enjoyable table-top RPGs

5) Spirit Island

Developer - Handelabra Games Inc.


Spirit Island is a game based on table-top RPGs involving strategic, cooperative self-destruction. It is set in an alternative world around AD 1700, featuring magical powers in every natural thing.

Players get to play as the spirits of the land, defending it from colonizing invaders. Their spirits work with native islanders, increasing their power and getting rid of the invaders.

4) Scythe: Digital Edition

Developer - The Knights of Unity


Scythe is one of those table-top RPGs based on alternative reality in 1920s Europe. Gamers produce resources, build infrastructure, and use war machines to fight and control their territories.

They get to see Europe after World War I, taking up the role of a fallen leader assuming command on one of five factions to conquer the coveted “Factory”. The game is turn-based and uses a streamlined action-selection mechanism involving strategy and has multiplayer support.

3) Wingspan

Developer - Monster Couch


Wingspan is a relaxing game based on table-top RPGs where players get the role of bird enthusiasts. They discover and attract the best birds, adding them to their network of wildlife sanctuaries.

Up to 5 players can play the game, competing to build up their natural preserves through a turn-based mechanism. Each bird played by the gamers extends a chain of powerful combinations across multiple habitats.

2) Armello

Developer - League of Geeks


Armello is one of those table-top RPGs based on fairytale and fantasy. The game takes place in a world filled with animals with human forms divided into multiple groups.

The title uses a turn-based system allowing gamers to perform actions like equipping items and purchasing talents. Cards and dice are used to interact with the world, which also serves as the basis of combat.

1) Inscryption

Developer - Daniel Mullins Games


Inscryption is one of those table-top RPGs based on horror and deck building. The game is set in a cabin where users try to escape a demonic force by defeating it using various cards.

The game is played against gamers with a board of four lanes, where each player rings a bell on the corner of the table to end each other’s turn. Each card has some health and damage numbers written along with escape-room puzzles.

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