5 best team comps for Genshin Impact 2.6 Spiral Abyss (Abyss heralds & Lectors)

Kamisato Ayaka and Venti (Image via Genshin Impact)
Kamisato Ayaka and Venti (Image via Genshin Impact)
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The new reset of Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact version 2.6 brings a lot of formidable enemies to the dungeon, especially Abyss Herald and Lectors on floor 12, chamber 2. Instead of DPS checks, the current abyss focuses on crowd control and positioning.

Although DPS is not the main focus, it should still not be neglected, and players should bring a character with better artifacts and weapons. They must then take full advantage of Leyline Disorder on every floor and read the opponent line-up before starting any challenges. Team comps play the most important part in the current Spiral Abyss, and here are a few recommendations for the current iteration of floor 12.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

Best team comps for Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss on floor 12

The Genshin Impact community believes that a Cryo team will be the most useful in the current abyss. This is because Abyss Lectors and Heralds on floor 12, chamber 2, are susceptible to Cryo attacks.

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These foes aren't very threatening to skilled players, but their high HP and shields might make them a hassle to defeat. Here are some team comps players can use to defeat Abyss Lectors and Herald on floor 12, chamber 2 of Spiral Abyss.

1) Venti - Ganyu - Diona - Mona


Ganyu and her Morgana team hold strong in Spiral Abyss even after so many versions. Although Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flame and Violet Lightning's shield is weaker against Hydro and Pyro, Cryo attacks are next in line. Thus, having a Freeze team is beneficial to finish the challenge with a full star.

2) Ayaka - Diona - Mona - Kazuha


Similar teams can also be deployed but with Ayaka and Kazuha instead. Kazuha can gather the three Abyss Lectors and Herald more frequently with his Elemental Skill, while Ayaka's Elemental Burst can hit all of them simultaneously. With Mona in the team, Ayaka can permanently freeze the enemies and deplete their shield quickly.

3) Ayaka - Shenhe - Kokomi - Sucrose


Shenhe may not have received a bright spotlight during her release in the previous version of Genshin Impact, but she will now be hailed as a great Cryo support for Ayaka. If players do not have Kazuha or Venti, they can opt for Sucrose, a great 4-star Anemo character that is exceptional in crowd-control.

4) Hu Tao - Xingqiu - Zhongli - Ganyu

Hu Tao, Xingqiu, Ganyu, and Zhongli in a team (Image via Genshin Impact)
Hu Tao, Xingqiu, Ganyu, and Zhongli in a team (Image via Genshin Impact)

While Freeze comps are the most used team composition on floor 12, that doesn't mean other elements can't be used. Hu Tao and Xingqiu are still the best duos in Vaporize, decreasing Abyss Lectors' shields in seconds. Meanwhile, Ganyu and her wide AoE Elemental Burst can freeze the Abyss Herald when he has the Hydro shield up.

5) Xingqiu - Zhongli - Chongyun - Hu Tao


Having so many 5-star characters in one team may be hard for new players. They can switch Ganyu with Chongyun on the second team. Chongyun and his Elemental Skill are exceptionally good for this floor as they can infuse all Sword, Claymore, and Polearm-wielders' attacks into Cryo.

In Genshin Impact, the current 2.6 Spiral Abyss clearly favors Anemo characters with their skill to cause Swirl. Players without well-built Anemo characters can still finish Floor 12 of Spiral Abyss, but they won't be able to fully utilize the Abyssal Blessing of the Moon or the Leyline Disorders in Genshin Impact.

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