5 biggest GTA RP streamers you should check out

GTA roleplaying has been one of the biggest trends on Twitch the past few years (Images via Penta, Sykkuno and xQc/Twitter)
GTA roleplaying has been one of the biggest trends on Twitch the past few years (Images via Penta, Sykkuno and xQc/Twitter)
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Grand Theft Auto V Role Playing, or GTA RP, has been a large trend on Twitch over the past few years. With the game having been released nine years ago and no sequel in sight, it has been up to the community to keep it alive.

PC players can download a modified client for GTA V, where they can then join a server made specifically for role playing. While there are numerous RP servers to join, the most popular one among players and streamers is the NoPixel server.

Plenty of streamers have popularized the GTA RP trend. On this list, we're looking at five of the best streamers to watch to get into GTA V role-playing.

5 of the best GTA RP streamers

1) Buddha


Buddha is one of the most-watched roleplay streamers on Twitch. He began with his character, Lang Buddha, on the NoPixel ARMA role-playing server. His character has undergone quite the arc over the years, starting as a lowly gangster and maturing into an incredibly wealthy crime boss. His character is also known for his sharp wit, making for some entertaining viewing.

In 2021, Buddha saw quite a rise in popularity thanks to a large update to the NoPixel server and frequent collaborations with big name streamers. Having been involved in the RP scene longer than most, he has amassed a viewership of over 750k followers.

2) Penta


Penta is known on the NoPixel server as police officer Randy Wrangler. As far as police officers go, he is probably the best known cop in the GTA RP community. His style of investigation is both unorthodox and entertaining, garnering him a large viewership and community.

Police officers aren't the most popular people on the streets of Los Santos, both in the vanilla GTA V and on RP servers. Penta is no stranger to that, as there have been real-life consequences which have erupted from in-game arguments.

Controversies aside, Penta's style of content makes him one of the most unique and most enjoyable GTA RP streamers on the platform. Penta has over 300k followers on Twitch and is one of the most watched role-playing streamers on the platform.

3) Sykkuno


The OfflineTV streamer Sykkuno plays a large variety of games, including League of Legends and Fortnite. A frequent collaborator with many other large streamers, Sykkuno also plays on the NoPixel GTA V server as Yuno Sykk, a criminal and heist specialist with quite the following in the city's underworld.

Despite his real-life persona, Sykkuno can be quite ruthless in the GTA RP world. He even killed one of his real-life friends, Fuslie, on NoPixel during a livestream in what would become one of his most infamous moments.

Sykkuno is in the Top 100 for subscribers on Twitch and is one of the biggest names on the platform. His NoPixel content is a good start for those who want to know what the trend is all about.

4) xQc


Frequently at the top in terms of viewership, Felix "xQc" Lengyel is a former professional esports player in the Overwatch League. He is currently one of the biggest names on Twitch, streaming a large variety of games. Known for his antics both in-game and in-real-life, it's no surprise that xQc has a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker on the NoPixel server.

While he doesn't play as a single fixed character like many other streamers, Lengyel tends to embody numerous roles. He has found himself in trouble with the NoPixel server on numerous occasions for breaking character and other behaviors that negatively affected the game.

For his offenses, he has received multiple bans from the server. If one happens to catch him between suspensions, there's no doubt that his content is some of the most enjoyable out of the GTA RP scene.

xQc has over 10 million followers on Twitch, making him one of the biggest streamers on the platform. He's a must-watch streamer for both NoPixel and a wide variety of other games.

5) Zerkaa


As a YouTuber and streamer, Zerkaa has nearly five million subscribers watching his content. The Sidemen co-founder is from the United Kingdom and his NoPixel character, Tommy T, reflects that heritage. He is a gangster from London who fled to the United States to start a new life.

With hundreds of videos of his GTA RP gameplay on his channel, each pulling hundreds of thousands of views as well as his livestreams, Zerkaa is a great content creator to start with if one is looking to binge on some GTA RP content.

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